Champak is one of the largest read children's magazine in the country. I still remember how much I loved that magazine as a kid. Published in 8 languages, Champak is a bouquet of short stories, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that sets the child's imagination free. When I looked at its online edition today, I was overjoyed to see that the beauty of this magazine is still intact even... more

Gaadi me saanp - kaka hathrasi (काका हाथरसी )

A wonderfully expressive recitation of Kaka hathrasi's poem by a 7 year old child. He is dressed as Kaka hathrasi and recites the poem in kaka's style. His rhythm of poem and along with it his acting makes it very interesting.

A simple and entertaining poem! Watch the video to listen to this beautiful poem and recitation. more

Quotes for Teachers

Someone who can always chase a little cloud away
and add a bit of fun,
a ray of sun to every day,
Someone who is so glad to share,
so glad to help & give & care,
adds something very special to the world.
"Thankyou Teacher" more


Nandan provides a mix of traditional and modern stories, poems, interactive columns, interesting facts and many educative columns, leading to wholesome development of children. It keeps them abreast with our cultural ethos, exposes them to latest happenings in and around world and engages them into numerous fun activities, shaping their mind and behavior in a positive way. The magazine is relevant... more

Documents required when buying a resale house

Before buying a resale house, we need to be well informed about the various details of the resale property. Here are the important points :

Documents needed to be checked before entering into a sale agreement:

  • Mother Deed/Sale Deed - establishes the ownership of seller on title of property.

  • All previous sale deeds - to ... more

Poetic quotes on friendship

I was looking for something better,
I got the best.
I tried for quantity,
I got the quality.
I was in search of certain number of friends,
I got a friend who is certain. more

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We believe that 'money and financial ... more

Privacy Policy

At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used.

We promise not to sell, rent, or give away any personal information (including email addresses, or other personally identifying information) associated with your user account. We will ... more

Manufacture year and month of a car - VIN number & chassis number

While researching for buying a new car, I came to know that sometimes dealers sell an old car under the guise of new. You wouldn't come to know the difference unless you understand the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and chassis number which have the manufacture month and year coded in them.

To understand these numbers for my would-be-car Hyundai i10, I had to search and read many pages ... more

Cutting Your Car Fuel Bills

With today's bumper hike, the petrol now costs Rs 81.26 a liter in Bangalore. A friend's facebook status says : "filled my car's fuel tank yesterday, feeling lucky" :) True. With every trip to the petrol pump we would now feel the pinch of owning a car. Its time we start paying attention on ways to reduce our fuel bills.

Keeping in mind some points while driving can result in savings of about 10-... more