Frequently Asked Questions on EPF Withdrawal

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our readers -

  1. What is the minimum required "period of service" to be eligible for EPF withdrawal?
    Ans:- For EPF withdrawal, there is no minimum limit on period of service. But for EPS, it is 6 months. You will not be eligible for EPS - Pension fund, if you have resigned before 6 months. more

Home Schooling / Alternative Schooling / Child Centered Education

I got introduced to the concept of homeschooling when reading John Holt. I liked the idea instantly but did not think it as practical initially. As I read more and more, I became convinced that this is possibly the only way to save our children from the perils of schooling institution.

I have compiled some of the useful resources on homeschooling available on internet or elsewhere. I will keep ... more

Interest rate on EPF deposits for year 2014-15

The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has announced to keep the EPF interest rate at 8.75 per cent, same as the previous year, for the current fiscal year (2014-15). The announcement came on 26th Aug,2014 at a meeting of the Central Board of Trustees - the apex decision making body of EPFO. However, this decision would be implemented only after the approval of the Finance Ministry.

... more

Finding Voter Details / Find your name in Voter list for Haryana Assembly Election 2014

Date for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 are yet to be announced by Election Commission but it is likely to take place in October 2014. Many of us want to find out whether our names are there in the voter list or not. Along with that we want to know details like exact polling booth number, polling booth location etc. Luckily, all this information is available online now. more

Yeh Baat Samajh Me Ayi Nahin

An entertaining poem portraying the perplexity of a little kid. I saw this published in the Chakmak magazine but I could not found any reference to the author.

ये बात समझ में आई नहीं
और मम्मी ने समझाई नहीं
मैं कैसे मीठी बात करूँ
जब मीठी चीज़ें खाई नहीं I
दीदी भी पकाती हैं हलवा
वो आखिर क्यों हलवाई नहीं
ये बात समझ में आई नहीं .... more


Chakmak is a Hindi monthly magazine for children of age group 8-14. It is published by Eklavya, a non-profit, non-government organization that develops innovative educational programmes. Wipro Applying Thought in Schools is financially supporting it.

I chanced upon this magazine some time back and was absolutely delighted to read it. In this magazine, the approach to reach children's imagination... more

Bangalore Schools Age Cut-off Criteria

Different schools in Bangalore have different age cut-off criteria. This makes it difficult for parents to shortlist schools for admissions. I have tried to compile a list of schools with their age cut-off criterion. I hope the list keeps growing with time. Please put a comment if you know the age cut-off criteria of any schools not in the list.

**Minimum Required Age for LKG/Montessori ... more

Thinking Before Shouting "No, don't!"

The other day, my daughter (1.5 years) caught hold of a measuring tape (the steel one). She started investigating it, pulling the tape out and twisting it in the process. Instinctively, I was about to take it away thinking that she will damage it but her sincere, inquisitive manner kept myself from acting on that instinct. As a moment passed, I realized that it is not an expensive or delicate ... more

Letting Her Play With Sugar

My daughter (1.7 years) came into kitchen while I was fixing breakfast in the morning and as usual asked me, pointing upwards to the slab and making insistent sounds, to be seated on the slab so she could see the action clearly. As always I lifted her up and seated her besides me on the slab. Once there, she started looking for something interesting and took notice of the sugar container and ... more

Useful Personal Finance Blogs

If you search on net you will get a hundred financial websites or blogs but most of them contain half baked knowledge. The information provided on such sites is usually copied with no original and creative inputs of their own. There are so many of them that even after spending hours trying to gain insight on a topic, in the end you might come out with no better understanding than before. more