Finding Voter Details / Find your name in Voter list for Haryana Assembly Election 2014

Date for Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 are yet to be announced by Election Commission but it is likely to take place in October 2014. Many of us want to find out whether our names are there in the voter list or not. Along with that we want to know details like exact polling booth number, polling booth location etc. Luckily, all this information is available online now.

Haryana Election Commission has done a marvellous job of putting all voter's details online. The current data available online is updated till July 31, 2014 (Please note that if you have applied for voter registration recently, then you might need to wait for the final voter roll which will be published just before the elections).

Here are quick notes about how to find your name in voter list:

  1. Go to CEO Haryana Website. Here you can search by your name or by your voter id.

  2. Search by Voter Details: Click on 'Search by Voter Details' to search by your name. You will be asked for following compulsory fields:

    • District - Your district in Haryana like Gurgaon or Hisar

    • Your Name - Full or partial both works.

    • Your Relation Name - Your father's name or husband's name (as filled during voter registration). Full or partial both works.

    Other fields are optional which include:

    • Assembly Constituency Name - If you know. We advise not to select as you may not know exact constituency.

    • Age - Your age. Again we advise not to select as your current age may not be same as that in voter records.

    • Gender - Male / Female / Other

  3. Once you click on search, it will show all records matching your query. Please go through them and you should be able to find your name in the list. You can click on 'View' to see Polling Station, Booth No, Serial No and Voter ID card no in that.

Not able to find your name in the list:
Sometimes there are spelling mistakes in the voter records. We know large number of cases where last names are not there in the voter list. To workaround that, you can try searching with your partial name like first name only or last name only etc. Similarly for relation name, you can give partial name - e.g., only first name of your father.

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