EPF Balance UAN - 6 Easy ways to Enquire / Check EPF Balance Online

EPF is a primary savings tool for large number of people working in private organized sector in India. EPF accounts and EPF balance is managed by Indian Government agency called 'Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)'.

Traditionally it has been very difficult to check EPF balance because of lots of paper work and time involved. It was also difficult to ...

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EPF UAN Login and Activation - 3 Step Guide for EPFO Members

Employee Provident fund (EPF) is India's main social security scheme managed by EPFO and covering more than 15 crores of workers in organized sector. All EPF members and their employers need to access the EPFO online servies for different tasks. The first step towards accessing the EPF online services is the ability to login into your EPFO UAN account (for which there is a ...

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UAN Unified Portal for EPF Members / Employees

EPFO has recently launched a new portal for EPF called unifiedPortal. This portal for members / employees was launched in Dec, 2016 and after few weeks of down time, it has now started working fine. We used the 'Download Passbook' feature on 20th January 2017 to check the current EPF balance, and the unifiedportal worked just fine. Here is a detailed guide on unified portal and its features.

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GST GSTR1 common errors and their solutions (Regularly Updated)

With the monthly deadline of filing GSTR1, people are facing lot of problems with official website (gst.gov.in). This page list common errors and how to go around them.

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Filing of GSTR 3B Return Online at GST Portal

As per GST deadlines, you need to file GSTR 3B return by August 20, 2017 for the period of July 2017. This is a summary return to simplify the process for the 1st month of GST.

Here are the details of how to file GSTR 3B Return Online at GST Portal.

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(GST) GST Form RFD 11

Central government in their notification dated July 1st, 2017, has introduced a new form GST RFD 11 in the context of 'Refund of integrated tax paid on export of goods or services under bond or Letter of Undertaking'

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GST Delivery Challan Format

GST (Goods & Service Tax) bill is leading to overhaul of all indirect taxation in india along with rules n regulations to move goods across india.

GST Delivery challan is used during the movement of goods whenever tax invoice can not be issued. They are two cases for the gst delivery challan instead of gst tax invoice:

  1. Movement of goods does not amount to supply of goods
  2. Tax invoice is not yet possible for the movement of goods. So a delivery challan is used and subsequently a tax invoice is raised.

Here are the details of GST delivery challan format.

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Hasmukh Adhia on GST (GST in simple terms)

At this moment, both small and large businesses, suppliers and retailers are struggling to understand the impact and implications on GST. Even though GST has been active since July 1st 2017, there is still lot of confusion and open questions.

Hasmukh Adhia (Revenue secretary, Ministry of Finance) has emerged as one of the most clear voice of GST from government site.

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GST Ledger Balance

GST (Goods and Service Tax) is active all across india from July 1st, 2017. GST is meant to simplify indirect taxation scheme and subsumes earlier Service tax & vat regimes. Once registered with GST portal, the members can submit and see all their invoice and return details on the portal easily.

GST ledgers are an important part of overall GST workflow and allows people to easily visualize their cash and credit flow. You can find your 'GST ledger balance' on the dashboard of gst portal. This article explains how to understand this ledger balance.

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GST No Search - GST Number (GSTIN) search

GST (Goods and Service tax) is now live all across india from July 1st 2017. So from now onwards, every invoice needs to include GST No (GSTIN - GST identification number). Also every company needs to submit the GST number to banks and other suppliers so that data is correctly reflected in government records. But how to search GST no?

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