GST India - Goods and Service Tax India

GST (Goods and Service Tax India) is a ground breaking indirect tax revamp in India. As per current understanding, GST is going to be effective from June 2017 replacing earlier state-wise VAT and central service tax taxation in India.

From layman perspective, GST India has an huge impact on how companies conduct their business, how they raise invoices, how supply chain works etc. First, the complex regime of separate taxation rules and rates for different state will end and it will bring huge relief to companies operating in multiple states. Secondly under GST, every transaction need to be captured in the India-wide GST system with a range of checks and verifications to ensure the transparent of business deals and transactions.

This complete revamp of indirect taxation require re-training of large number of people. This page will have a collection of how-to articles and experience articles to help people to effectively comply and utilize GST India in an optimal manner.

GST Basics

GST for businesses

GST Software

GST - Technical

Technically GST is a complex system and need to scale effectively to capture each and every sale transaction happening in India.

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