GST Portal - Comprehensive Guide on GST Portal

GST (Good and Service Tax) is a landmark bill in India's indirect taxation system. It is going to rolled out in India on July 1, 2017. GST portal is the central portal and website made available to general public to register, upload, and manage their GST obligations.

GST Portal India

As part of IT infrastructure being developed by GSTN, there are two main approaches to interact with central GST system:

  1. Automated through APIs - This interface is made available primarily for accounting software like Tally. In this system, customers need to enter their data only in Tally and Tally will internally update central GST system through API.

  2. Manual interface and website for people - This interface is being called GST Portal. People will be able to register, upload relevant documents, upload invoices and returns, make payments etc through this portal.

GST portal is now live at To register and login into GST portal, you can follow our GST login guide

Please note that GST portal is still being actively deployed. Currently it only has support for GST registration and uploading of required documents along with support of digitally sign their registration application.

GST Portal DSC Registration

Now you can register your DSC with GST Portal. Once you do that, you can digitally sign your GST invoices, returns, registration application etc.

  1. Once you login to GST portal, you need to click on 'Register / Update DSC'. You will see a page titled 'Register Digital Signature Certificate'.
  2. Follow the instructions on installing signer utility - Once you have successfully download and installed signer utility, you can proceed next.
  3. On this page, select the 'PAN of authorized Signatory' and click on Proceed
  4. Select the relevant digital signature and click on Sign
  5. It will show a message that "Your DSC has been successfully registered"

GST Portal Helpline

You can contact GST Portal helpline at 0124-4688999 or email them at helpdesk at

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