School Admissions 2018 - Nursery Vs Montessori and Age Cut-off Criteria

So the time came, finally, for us to start thinking about "school admissions". The questions that were popping in our minds were something like -

  • What is the difference between Nursery and Montessori ? Which one is better for us?

  • What is Montessori I, Montessori II and Montessori III ?

  • What is the right age to enter in LKG ?

  • What is the age cut-off criteria of different schools... more

Schools in Bangalore

Every parent in Bangalore (or Bengluru) wants to find the best school for his/her children. Though most of the times, we get too much stuck on the idea of best school in Bangalore instead of finding the right school for our children. While selecting a school, the parents needs to take care of few important things:

  1. Location -- school need to be near the home otherwise children will spend ... more

Ten Things to Look For in a Pre-school

When we think of sending our kids to school for the first time, we want them to be in safe, loving and caring hands. But the fact that most schools are out there only for money makes things complicated. What the schools say and show to parents differs quite a lot from what actually happens inside. So what do we do?

I have been there, made my mistakes and learnt from them. Here are my few cents, ... more

Home Schooling / Alternative Schooling / Child Centered Education

I got introduced to the concept of homeschooling when reading John Holt. I liked the idea instantly but did not think it as practical initially. As I read more and more, I became convinced that this is possibly the only way to save our children from the perils of schooling institution.

I have compiled some of the useful resources on homeschooling available on internet or elsewhere. I will keep ... more

Bangalore Schools Age Cut-off Criteria

Different schools in Bangalore have different age cut-off criteria. This makes it difficult for parents to shortlist schools for admissions. I have tried to compile a list of schools with their age cut-off criterion. I hope the list keeps growing with time. Please put a comment if you know the age cut-off criteria of any schools not in the list.

**Minimum Required Age for LKG/Montessori ... more