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I got introduced to the concept of homeschooling when reading John Holt. I liked the idea instantly but did not think it as practical initially. As I read more and more, I became convinced that this is possibly the only way to save our children from the perils of schooling institution.

I have compiled some of the useful resources on homeschooling available on internet or elsewhere. I will keep adding to the list as and when I find something useful.


Some books listed here are foreign publications hence may be a bit expensive. However, Eklavya, an Indian NGO working in the field of education since 1982, has published a low cost edition of many of these books to make them affordable to the masses. I think they have translated and published some books in Hindi as well to reach out to a wider set of people. You can go to their order page to find which books are available with them.

  • How Children Fail - John Holt - A teacher's search for truth - a truth pertaining to children and schools. Like all truths, it makes you wonder how could you have not thought of it before. It will change the way you look at children and their world. A Must Read.
    Availability - Online on amazon.in/how-children-fail and flipkart.com/how-children-fail

  • How Children Learn - John Holt - This book gives us an incredible insight into the ways, conditions, and spirit in which children do their best learning. Again a must read.
    Availability - Online on amazon.in/how-children-learn and flipkart.com/how-children-learn

  • Summerhill - A.S. Neill - This book is about an experimental school based on the core concept that - children are inherently good and they should be given freedom to explore the world in their own way. It contains many revolutionary ideas which might shake off your preconditioned mind patterns. Founded in 1921, the school continues to be an influential model for progressive, democratic education around the world.
    Availability - Online on amazon.in/summerhill. You can also buy at a lower price (reprint - Indian edition) from eklavya.in
    UPDATE: Eklavya has added itself as a seller on amazon and flipkart both, so you might get the low cost edition on both these sites as well.

  • Escape From Childhood - John Holt - This book will open your eyes to the damages we are doing to our kids everyday when we think and act from our preconditioned mind. A must read for all parents.
    Availability - Online on flipkart.com/escape-from-childhood and amazon.in/escape-from-childhood . You can also buy at a lower price (reprint - Indian edition) from eklavya.in
    UPDATE: Eklavya has added itself as a seller on amazon and flipkart both, so you might get the low cost edition on both these sites as well.

  • Free at Last - Daniel Greenberg - This book is about a school where there is no curriculum, no grades, no coercion, where children can 'just be'. In this school children are treated as responsible citizens and they carry the burden of their own education. This is a very inspiring story of a wonderful school.
    Availability - low cost book available at Banyan Tree

  • Divaswapna - Gijubhai Badheka - This is an Indian classic on education. An inspiring tale of a teacher who rejects the orthodox system of school teaching, and institutes playful mechanisms for learning, particularly in the language arts. Even in the 1920's, Gijubhai was able to sense the futility of stupid textbook.
    Availability - pdf available on Arvind Gupta's website. Just to let you know, Arvind Gupta is an IIT graduate. Apart from making toys from trash and making science fun for kids, he has put thousands of great books, laboriously and painstakingly, on his website to be downloaded and read by anyone. Hats off to this great man!


  • Swashikshan - Indian Association of Homeschoolers - This is an association of homeschooling children, parents, guardians and friends. It is kind of the collective voice of homeschoolers in India. You will get to know first hand experiences of many homeschooling parents in India.


  • India Group for Homeschoolers & Alternative Education - This is a facebook group for people keen on alternative education concepts like Homeschooling in India. Many good resources are being regularly shared in this community

  • Homeschooling / Unschooling - This is a facebook page on homeschooling for people all across the world. Apart from homeschooling resources being shared, what's unique here is lots of interesting graphic quotes on homeschooling/unschooling.

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