GST API Sandbox

GST (Goods and Service tax) is one of the landmark change in indirect taxation in India and once it goes live in 2017, it will impact the way business is conducted in India. As per current details, GST is going to replace Customs Duty, Excise Duty, Central Sales Tax, Service Tax, State VAT, Luxury Tax and many more. To handle such a far reaching system, a great technical infrastructure is required.

GST API Sandbox

As part of GST architecture, the businesses can either upload documents and file return directly at GST portal or use the services of GST Suvidha Provider (GSP). GST central system will expose a set of apis to support GST system and these apis will be in turn exposed transparently through GSPs to everybody.

As part of GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) on boarding, GSTN has provided an API sandbox and here are detials of the sandbox.

  • Sandbox API url -
  • Test username: GSPTESTUSER
  • Test clientid: l7xx6df7496552824f15b7f4523c0a1fc114
  • Test client-secret : f328fe52752349c893aa93adcffed8f5
  • OTP: 102030

Please note that it is not clear if this sandbox will remain available only for GSP testing or available forever for wider testing and use by startups.

GST API and Developer Portal

GST developer portal is available at which contains details of all GST API. At high level, GST apis are divided into following three categories:

  • Authentication - Api for authentication
  • Returns - Apis to upload invoices and returns
  • Ledger - Provides apis to maintain and view Cash Ledger, ITC Ledger, Liability Ledger
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