EPF Passbook / UAN Passbook - How to get online

As we near the end of year 2017 and start of year 2018, most of us are looking to review our finances. EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is a crucial part of finanial safety net of organized employees in India and it is crucial to review epf passbook yearly to figure out any missing transactions (and thus detect lost money) etc.

If like many of us, you want to check your epf uan passbook online, but don't know how to do it, you have come to the right site?

Compared to last year, EPFO has made lot of improvements in its online offering and now you can easily view your passbook online (it used to down most of the time earlier).

EPF Passbook / UAN Passbook - How to get online

EPF Passbook (also called UAN passbook) is available online at https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp

  1. You need to use your UAN number to login and password to login for EPF passbook

Please note that this process is called UAN login and you need to follow UAN login and activation guide) before trying this login. Once you successfully activated your UAN, you can use this UAN based login for fetching your passbook on this site.

  1. Once you login to EPF passbook site, you see a left menu title 'Select Member ID to view passbook'. Click on your EPF Member id and it shows your passbook in pdf format.

It has following information in the epf member passbook:

  1. Establishment ID/Name
  2. Member ID/Name
  3. Office Name
  4. Employee Share (in rupees)
  5. Employer Share (in rupees)
  6. Particulars of transactions - deposit by employer, withdrawl details, pension contribution, yearly interst interest
  7. Grand total

EPF Passbook - Important points

  1. Please note that EPF passbook or UAN passbook is only available now on this new site and no longer available at earlier Unified Member Portal

  2. Once you activate your UAN, it takes some time (typically 6 hrs) for your passbook to become available at EPF passbook site.

  3. If you change your password, you need to wait for few hours before your password change is refleced on epf passbook website

  4. Passbook facility is not available for the Exempted Establishments Members / Settled Members / InOperative Members.

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