Understanding UAN (Universal Account number) and its effect on PF Withdrawal / Transfer

Universal PF Account number has become a reality now, thanks to the untiring efforts of EPFO, India. A unique Universal Account number (UAN) has already been allotted to all contributory members of EPFO and its services are expected to become operational from October 16, 2014. Right now EPFO is in the process of integrating KYC details with the UAN of each employee.

You might have already heard about this new system from your employer or from your friends and might be thinking how will it benefit you. To answer that, lets understand first what is UAN.

What is the purpose of UAN (Universal Account number)

UAN is a unique number which will remain associated with an employee throughout his career. It will be portable across companies and can be used anywhere in India. On changing jobs, the employee will still get a new PF account number from the new employer but it will get linked to this unique UAN. Thus, UAN will be like an umbrella for the multiple PF accounts allotted to an employee by different employers.

Before the introduction of UAN system, employees had to depend on their employers to verify and clear the PF withdrawal form. In many cases, employers had misused this dependence - they would keep the withdrawal forms pending, they would threaten the employees that if they leave the company they wont get their PF withdrawal forms signed, etc. To end these dependency problems and to facilitate centralization of employee data, EPFO has introduced UAN.

By introducing UAN, EPFO will also be able to track job changes of every employee. On a job change, the employee is required to provide his UAN to the new employer who will in turn link the new PF account to this UAN. Thus, EPFO will have information on where a person is employed at any given time. This will also prevent people to make EPF withdrawals on job change.

What are the benefits of UAN to an employee

  1. EPF Transfer and EPF Withdrawal will take lesser time.

  2. No need to depend on employer to forward the claims for EPF Transfer and EPF Withdrawal. They can be submitted online easily.

  3. Details of all the PF accounts can be viewed at one place.

  4. There will be transparency in PF account/s. EPFO will send a monthly SMS intimation of PF amount.

  5. (In Future) Employees need not apply for transfer of PF accumulations on changing jobs. The procedure for the same is yet to be launched by the EPFO.

How to start using UAN

To start using UAN, you will need to use UAN Member Portal. Below are steps to login and activate your account:

  1. Check whether you have been allotted a UAN - Click on Know your UAN Status and enter your EPF number.

  2. Contact your employer to obtain your UAN (if you have been allotted one)

  3. Activate your UAN - Click on Activate Your UAN and enter your UAN, Mobile no. and EPF number.

  4. Login to UAN portal - using the password created while activating the UAN.

That's it, start using various facilities given through UAN -

  • Link Previous Member IDs (PF account numbers)

  • Enter KYC Details

  • Check eligibility for online transfer claim

  • Download e-Passbook

  • Download UAN Card

  • Edit personal details

  • More services are likely to be added in future.


  1. Will I still need to transfer the old PF account while changing jobs or will it get merged automatically?
    Ans:- In the initial phase of UAN, you would still need to transfer the old account. Though, the process would be lot more convenient as it can be done easily online on UAN portal. However, In future, employees need not apply for transfer of PF accumulations on changing jobs.

  2. How will UAN helps in PF transfer/withdrawal process?
    Ans:- As there will be no need of employee verification anymore (because of KYC details seeded with UAN), you will not have to approach the previous employer for EPF transfer/withdrawal. You can directly apply online.

  3. Can I update/upload my KYC document through member portal?
    Ans:- Yes, you can do so. Your uploaded KYC document has to be digitally approved by employer, till then status of KYC will be shown as “Pending”.

  4. What is to be done in case I change the job and join somewhere else?
    Ans:- You need to simply declare your UAN to your subsequent employers.

  5. What is the helpline number of UAN?
    Ans:- Helpline numbers: 1800-118-005 (toll-free) or 0471-2449545.

News on EPF UAN

New UAN Member Portal launched in Dec, 2016

EPFO launched a new portal for UAN called Unified Portal in December, 2016. As of 3rd January, 2017 new unified EPF Member Portal is facing problems and is mostly down. EPFO has said that they are working on the problem and the site will be up very soon.

3rd January 2017
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  • Urbashi
    14 May 15
    What if my present employer has its own PF trust & it's not linked with govt? Can I link my current PF a/c to my allotted UAN?
    What happens if I don't want to transfer my previous PF to current PF a/c?
    07 May 15
    I am Bandhu Prakash Saha.I have a problem regarding the UAN.PLease help me out.
    I have worked for 3 months in a company and there my UAN was generated . But In that UAN The Date Of Birth , Fathers Name fields are blank because my previous company has not entered that details during creating that PF Account. Now i am in a new company. Here when my present employer was requesting a UAN For me the there was 2 options :
    1)Linking Up the Previous UAN to the Present PF Account.
    2)Requesting For a Newly Employed Member UAN (Or Something Like this , I cant Remember the exact word)
    As in my Previous UAN there was no Date Of Birth & My present Employer has given the correct Date Of Birth in Present PF Account , So when My Present Employer was trying the First Option then a System Generated Message Is Coming That Date Of Birth Mismatch.
    Then I told my Present Employer to do the 2nd Option. But 1 month has passed away My UAN has still not generated . My collegues have got the UAN in 7 days after applying..
    What should I do in This condition ? Please Suggest Me.
  • Sachin
    05 May 15
    I have joined a new company since 1 year where there is no PF facility as my salary comes in higher bracket. I had PF facility with my previous employer (worked for 8 years) however the account is non-operational as the company has defaulted on payment for two years.

    Please let me know the options to get my PF amount. Can I close or transfer it without my previous employer's help as they are not co-operating.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Parveen
    04 May 15
    if my new employer adds new PF and links to my UAN will any notification goes to my old employer or any acknowledgement require from my old employer?
  • Rahul
    29 Apr 15
    Hi I recently left my first company working less than a year & joined new company. I don't want my new employer to know about my previous work that's why I don't want to share my PF details. My question is my new employer will issue me new PF account, so can I have two PF accounts. Also I have a PF - UAN number from my ex employer which is not activated yet on EPFO website. So will there be any issue if new is alloted to me by new employer ?
  • Raman
    27 Apr 15
    account IFC code please reply
  • Raman
    27 Apr 15
    account IFC code please reply
  • Arunkumar
    25 Apr 15
    can you please suggest the Current employer can verify his previous employers PF account as he switched multiple companies,
  • Abhishek
    22 Apr 15

    this is in ref with check your PF balance. i have got my UAN number from my employer and when i tried to generate the PIN, i saw diffrent DOB and Mistakes in my name. plz let me know how to get it rectified. your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Sandeep Kumar Shukla
    21 Apr 15
    Dear sir,
    I have already UAN Number which is provides by my Previous Company and i have already activate my previous pf number but how can i add my new pf number in my old UAN number.
    Please give me information.
  • Ashok
    20 Apr 15

    I got relocated from one state to another few months back, so I did change my mobile number aswell. When I try to reset my login details in UAN portal its sending crenentials to my old mobile number only. How do I update my new mobile number in first place plz advise.

  • Sophia
    17 Apr 15
    Hi, my name is sophia angelina, however in my UAN number it is mentioned as "SOPHIA ANGALINA" ... Can I change it after registering the UAN Number... I have addressed the issue to my employer but there is no progress on the same. -
  • ankit agarwal
    15 Apr 15
    i have left the job in june 2014 and applied for pf claim and it is showing in process and now i have activate my uan so i want to know that now i will get my pf amount money or not
  • ankit agarwal
    15 Apr 15
    i have left the job in june 2014 and applied for pf claim and it is showing in process and now i have activate my uan so i want to know that now i will get my pf amount money or not
  • Anonymous
    15 Apr 15
    can a new employer know my details of previous job if I don't provide a UAN number to new employer
  • ANJI
    15 Apr 15
    previous employer and my current employer deducted pf in the same month what i have to do now
  • Ramesh.S
    14 Apr 15
    I have updated KYC in UAN portal, 20days back. Still it sowing pending. When i contacted employer they are saying portal problem?
  • Gaurav
    13 Apr 15
    I am Gaurav, I have joined new employer 3 months bk. i have transfered my PF online thru OTCP and select previous employer as attested option and also submitted the signed claim form-13 to previous employer. After so many requests, my previous employer not processing with teir end, Do we have any option to handle it manually by going EPFO office without interruption of previous employer.
    If yes, can you plz tell me the process?
    As i have already applied online, so can i opt manual attestetation direct in EPFO office without interruption of previous employer?
    Plz help..
  • mad
    10 Apr 15
    hi,is all companies should definitely have only EPF or is there any other private PF providing companies also?

    i mean will all the employers were only having the EPF system for employees PF or there are also some private PF providers.

    does infosys,cognizant also provides PF to their employees through EPF scheme or with some other private PF organizations?
  • mad
    10 Apr 15
    i'm priviously associated with one company and they created UAN no.now i'm noving to new company and there i given declaration that i dont have PF account i.e i was not worked with any company.if new company tries to create new UAN for me,can then able to know about my priviously worked company ?in background verification time can this will be hurdle to me?

  • Praveen
    04 Apr 15
    Dear sir
    my mistake of my employer I have received two UAN no please advice what to do, just now I have old one is activated.
  • Tripati
    31 Mar 15
    I have a UAN number from my Preveous employer Infosys. Now i am working in Syntel and i got a batter offer, so i want to left with out regignation from Syntel, now my question is if i join the new company with infosys experience then the new company come to know about the syntel's 5month contribution or not by the UAN?
  • Tapas
    31 Mar 15
    In my case my previous company generated the UAN. But I had not uploaded my KYC during that time. Now I know I can upload the KYC through the UAN Portal. My question is once I upload, can my current employer digitally verify my KYC?
  • Nayan
    31 Mar 15
    I am working in a new company they told me about UAN number, but i dont have a PF account till now, so how can i get a UAN number???
    my current company told me that you can get it from previous employer but i dont have a PF account till now. Please help...!!!
  • Riddhi
    30 Mar 15
    Hi ....
    I have transferred my previous account to my current account .
    I have downloaded the passbook of my current PF account which is showing my previous EPF amount but not the pension amount of the previous account ...
    what whould be the reason of that ?
    whom should I contact and how to transfer it ?
  • Ankit
    24 Mar 15
    I have allotted UAN both by previous and new employer. How to link these both online?
  • chandan kumar dubey
    23 Mar 15
    im woking t.t. enterprises,t.t. servics,new delhi-110029company rigine 3 year before im not working this company,3 year my pf panding 3 time company me fill form not resbonce this company any persons,pls help me sir
  • karthick
    23 Mar 15

    I have updated my kyc document by past month, still now the status of my kyc document is shown has pending. Can I know how many days it will take to approve the document & I have to update any other document for it... pls help to for the following thing ASAP
  • Ramessh
    21 Mar 15
    I am employed in company A and has been alloted uan no. but not activated.I have absconded from my company.
    now i have to join company B.and dont want to show experience of A.
    Now can my new employer can get details of previous my employment .
    and if i apply if form 11 that i dont have pf account...will he get to know that
  • Deepak
    21 Mar 15
    I've activated my UAN and requested passbook through UAN portal. Today, I download passbook of my previous organization PF account (Jan'10 to Sep'13).

    Try to find out online pf withdrawal option but no success yet. Please help...!!!
  • neha
    21 Mar 15
    Online PF withdrawal service is not launched yet.
  • Sonu
    20 Mar 15
    Hi , i have query regarding multiple pf account transfer.
    I left company A in 2008 and joined company B.
    I did not request for the PF transfer from A to B.
    Now I left company B in 2009 and joined company C.
    As per the rules, since I am employed, I can not withdraw PF from company A.
    I want to do pf transfer from A to C now in 2010.
    Can I do this pf transfer ? How much time it normally takes for this?
  • neha
    21 Mar 15
    Yes you should transfer from A to C. Not sure on time though.
    19 Mar 15
  • neha
    22 Mar 15
    this service not provided online yet
  • S Meera
    17 Mar 15
    I have forgot my password to login in my account (UAN) Kindly help to bring it back or Kindly make me create a new one.
  • shristi
    12 Mar 15
    My UAN was provided by old employer. I have activated the same and able to view the passbook of my contribution at old organisation. My new organisation has created new PF number but not yet linked to my UAN. Now in this situation can I go ahead and transfer the amount in my old PF account to the new PF account? Since the new account is not yet linked to my UAN what will be the consequences of the transfer?
    P.S.: My new employer is unable to link the new PF account to my UAN as the spelling of my name in my old PF account is wrong and hence not matching with my name in new account as this one is correct spelling. What to do for this?

    Many thanks for help, in advance.
  • Amit Shah
    11 Mar 15
    I am planning to abscond from my current organisation which i joined 2 weeks back.I had submitted my uan number to them.Now I have other offer which I want to join.Will my new employer come to know about my 2 week stint through uan since they would also ask for uan? Can employer use uan for background verification?
  • samy
    09 Mar 15
    I want to withdraw my pf amount from my previous employer as I cannot transfer it to my new employer due to surname change in my new company.
    Please let me know the procedure.
    Rectify me if there is any misunderstanding?
  • Jim
    03 Mar 15
    I got UAN number from my previous company and created account based on the details. After that I changed the job and now I try to change the member ID in UAN portal. But I don't how to do that.
  • Manish Sharma
    28 Feb 15
    I have uan and my current employer member id is linked to it.
    I added my previous employer pf memberid in uan and under check availability it shoes eligible for transfer.
    Shall i wait for transfer facility in uan portal or shall i proceed with older way using old portal.
    Or after linking previous member id to uan still i need to transfer?2
    Help is really appreciated
  • Shilpa
    25 Feb 15
    My employer gave me PF account number before 5 months. I register with EPFO.
    But UAN status is still under process, can you please tell me how much time it will take?
    My PF account is of gujrat Ahmedabad.
  • Anonymous
    24 Feb 15
    which documents require for name change after marrige? and what is procedure for this?
  • Anonymous
    24 Feb 15
    how can i change my name after marrige?
  • Kunal
    19 Feb 15
    I have joined one organization on X day and the other on X+1, later I had informed the other organization that I will not be continuing but they have not terminated me,,in this case will there be 2 pf accounts under UAN for current company
    18 Feb 15
    Can a member have 2 contributions from two different employers??
  • Chandrakant
    16 Feb 15
    At the time of job change or retirement i will get PF + Pension contribution amt at a once.

    Also pls also advise bifurcation of amt or percentage between PF and Pension contribution.
  • Rahul
    10 Feb 15
    I have changed job from pune to solapur n filed transfer but i havent get the transfer amount reflected on sleep then i withdrawn the new account from solapur & still i feel that old amount is not credited so how can i check & whats to be done if not tranfered
  • Anonymous
    09 Feb 15
    In my UAN card , in the field Father/Husband Name , my husband’s is name is updated and mentioned as father. Could you please let me know what needs to be done to change this.

  • AMAR
    02 Feb 15
    when can an employee withdraw his pf amount if he was continuously working without any gap .??
    02 Feb 15
    I am working in my company from 9months duration.I doesn't have PF account in previous employer.But i have a new PF account from this current company.How much time it will take to allot UAN for me.
  • amar
    02 Feb 15
    i have worked with my previous employer fr 2 yrs n after dat joined with current employer immediately...can i withdraw my last two yrs pf amount????if yes den gv me regarding procedure
  • abhilash
    29 Jan 15
    Already I have PF account but i don't no about my UAN no how can I know in online
  • manasa
    28 Jan 15
    I have resigned from my previous company 4 months back and joined in a new company. I nether transferred nor withdraw ed PF amount from my previous organization. Is it possible to withdraw that amount now?.. still I haven't got UAN.
  • Amit
    20 Jan 15
    Can the new employer can know about my previous Employers details by UAN Number which is yet in Process by my previous employer
  • Satyam
    19 Jan 15
    I have a UAN number provided by my current employer. When I checked with my previous employer, they too have provided me another / different UAN number. I have not started the process to take the PF money from my earlier employer. Please advice how to go about it.
  • Subramanya
    07 Jan 15
    I have got my UAN after providing OLD PF (A) account number and linked new (current) PF a/c (B) as previous a/c
    Example, i was working in A company and this was acquired by B company in last financial year (and provided new PF a/c)
    Now after logging into portal its showing A a/c as the current member iD (which is not active) and B as previous a/c and its not allowing to transfer from A to B
    Do we have any option to change the current member id to B ?
    Or any complications with this?
  • Sahil Kainth
    07 Jan 15
    there has a mistake in updateing my name in my PF Account. and same my employer subbmited requied documents to correct it.
    my queary is how much time EPFO dept will update my correct name.
  • Amit Mandliya
    05 Jan 15

    I have got two UANs one from my previous employer and one form the current employer. What should i do?
  • Prem
    02 Jan 15
    How i will change my account in uan
  • Sudhansu Patro
    02 Jan 15
    I left current organization &I was working last 4 years I want withdraw the amount what is the process. Kindly let me know.I have UAN no also & I joined a new also.
  • Ravi Kumar
    01 Jan 15
    I am not able to link my previous company PF ( which is very old, 10yrs ) with UAN created by my current company. Kindly assist me, Or give me instructions on my below email id

  • Sudeep
    26 Dec 14
    Hi Neha,

    In my previous company, i have two PF accounts. For the first one UAN is created & I have activated online, but the second account UAN is not yet created due to some KYA mismatch issue. If the old accounts got linked with the new one can I be eligible to withdraw PF amount. If not what is the procedure to withdraw PF amount. Please advise.
  • Garima
    24 Dec 14
    Fathers name mentioned in my UAN card & passbook is wrong. Want to get it rectified.Can some one let me know the process for same.
  • Fallul
    19 Dec 14
    how can i transfer online from public pf account to private pf account?
  • Ravindra
    15 Dec 14
    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am an employer & one of my employee is having his UAN which he got from his previous company. So my question is that how I can link his UAN to my Establishment. Tell me the procedure for that.
    Thank you.
  • Ronak Shah
    13 Dec 14
    i have working 9 years & 1 months so if possible i withdraw my pf.
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    You can withdraw if you are not working currently, i.e. not employed in any organization covered by EPFO
  • ABhijeet
    11 Dec 14
    I want to withdraw pf amount for the employer I left 3 years back. How I can I do it. Please explain.
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    If you are employed currently and if you have been allotted a UAN, you cannot withdraw but only transfer.
  • Sanjay kumar
    11 Dec 14
    I have worked for 1.5 years with my previous epf facility provider employer and joined with a gap of two months with the new employer but haven't told about the gap to the new employer...
    I just want to know that will the new employer know about my previous account balance and monthly contributions ..
    I have also submitted the pf withdrawal form to the previous employer about two months back while relieving.when I check about my pf number at the epfo website after entering the pf number I get the msg of as uan not registered & tells me to contact the previous employer.
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    I dont think the new employer can know about your Prev. account balance or monthly contributions.....I am not sure though...
    Have you got your UAN?
  • Himanshu Pareek
    11 Dec 14
    I logged into this UAN portal with my previous Company's Member Id and UAN provided by them, so that now, it is considering that company as my new company, and when I added current company's Member-Id with Link (add Previous Member-Id), then now I am able to see both of the Member-Ids, but previous company is showing as current company. How can i change it?

    Himanshu Pareek.
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    You can call on Helpline numbers: 1800-118-005 (toll-free) or 0471-2449545.
  • Lokraj Singh
    10 Dec 14
    If I hire an agent, can I check his previous employment details with the help of his last employment Pf number. With warm regards. Lokraj
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    Not sure on this.
  • rajesh
    09 Dec 14
    I have wrong entries in father name and date of birth in UAN card. How can I change them online
  • Somnath Goswami
    25 Mar 15
    I have wrong entries in date of birth in UAN card. How can I change them online

  • neha
    15 Dec 14
    As far as I know only your employer can change it. You need to tell your employer abt this.
  • venkat
    09 Dec 14
    Hi sir,
    I joined new company and my previous employer shared UAN and new company pf is linked with UAN, but how to link my previous-previous pf account to UAN. Please suggest.

  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    When you login into UAn member portal, you can see a link "List Previous Member IDs" . You can specify your previous-previous pf number and link it there. Let me know if that works.
  • raju
    26 Nov 14
    hi i dont want to provide my uan number to new employee.can i ask my current employeer to create new uan
  • neha
    06 Dec 14
    No you can have only one UAN
  • shrimaya patnaik
    26 Nov 14
    how to change my KYC details
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    Go to the 'Profile' menu in UAN member portal and select 'Update KYC Information' . The uploaded KYC document by you will be approved by employer till then status of KYC will be shown as "Pending".
  • Ankit bhatnagar
    22 Nov 14
    I left my organzation on aug 16 2014 and started working from nov 17 2014.there was a gap of 3 months.so instead of transfer can epf be withdrawn from previous employer and does uan affects it in any manner.do reply it asap as i need to withdraw it urgently if possible
  • neha
    25 Nov 14
    if you have got your UAN number, your application for withdrawal will get rejected as soon as EPFO will come to know that you are not unemployed currently. SO its better to transfer.
  • vivek
    15 Nov 14
    I know the uan card is downloadable, but do they also send the card by post to home?
  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    No, they dont.
  • Aarya
    15 Nov 14
    Hi Sir,
    i have a query like in my previous job i dont have any PF account,now i joined a new company almost 1 yr back ,here they opened a PF account.Now i need to check my UAN status,it shows Your UAN is alloted kindly get ur UAN number from ur employer.I checked with my company they told like they havnt got anything may be it wud hav been gone to ur previous company.
    So,is it possible,like i dnt hav PF account there and i left that organisation 1 yr back ??? Can u pls suggest what to do to get my UAN..
  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    I don't think it could go to previous employer....but still its better to check.
    14 Nov 14

  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    You cannot apply online for UAN. If you are working , your employer will do so for you.
  • bhavesh modi
    13 Nov 14
    UAN is Alloted by previous employer on Old PF no.
    if i register UAN with Old PF account no, then how it will link with new pf no.?

  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    UAN is a universal number which will remain same for old as well as new accounts...You have to produce this UAN (given by previous employer) to your new employer. Then they will link the new PF with your UAN automatically. I hope this is what you were asking.
  • Siddu
    15 Apr 15

    I PROVIDED MY UAN number(Which is given by my privious emplyoer) to PRESENT EMPLYOER ,but they dont know about these stepes and they are not supporting me properly.can you please help me to come out of this problem .
    please suggest me to how to add my new pf number to UAN

    siddu Banakar
  • Mufish
    18 Feb 15
    I have two previous Employer one has PF account no Maharastra Thane THTHA01157640000014446 while adding this account it shows Name against member ID entered by you does not match.
    my other employer PF Ac no is GJ/BD/65135 but online when i select Gujarat vadodra it shows VD/BRD, i think my PF no is old how can i add that PF no to my UAN.

    please guide.
  • Xx
    12 Nov 14
    I left my previous company after serving 45 days notice period instead of 90. I joined a new company immediately after that, now my previous HR is not providing my UAN to me. And also not supporting in pf transfer.
  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    HAve you checked the status of your UAN on UAn portal - has it been allotted to you?
  • xx
    26 Nov 14
    I checked the epf website, UAN is allloted to me but my previous employer not providing it to me. Wha t to do ?
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    Try calling the helpline numbers given in the FAQs of this post
  • Gagan
    10 Nov 14
    I have recieved UAN from my current employer. I was planning to withdraw money from my last employed PF account. Can I still do that since I have been alloted with UAN but did not activate that yet ?
  • neha
    11 Nov 14
    You might be able to withdraw if you have not activated UAN. But I would suggest transfer of old EPF amount to the new account. Legally that is the right thing to do.
  • Siraj
    05 Nov 14
    Can i withdraw money if i change job and still have uan and continue the same account in new company
  • Soundarya
    05 Dec 14
    Yes,Register ur UAN number when u joining a new company, it mights to transfer the PF amt to the same account which u had in old company.
  • neha
    11 Nov 14
    You cannot withdraw in that case. All you can do is transfer the amount to new account.
  • maddy
    03 Nov 14
    what will be the process for withdrawl(getting my pf amount back) the money from my pf account?
    how long(time) it will take to get the money?
  • neha
    11 Nov 14
    As of now, the withdrawal process remains same as described in prev post - http://www.humlog.net/finance/pf-withdrawal-form19-form10c-instructions
    Going forward (when you have linked your prev. accounts to UAN and withdrawal service is provided in UAN portal) the process might change.
    17 Oct 14
    Please advise me how can I track UAN in case employer is not providing after approaching several times.
  • neha
    28 Oct 14
    Have you checked whether you have been alloted a UAN number? You can do that by clicking "Know your UAN Status" (as mentioned in my post).
  • deepak kumar
    10 Oct 14
    can the new employer know about the details of his newly joined employee
  • neha
    28 Oct 14
    which details?
  • Raje
    12 May 15
    Can a new employer know details of previous employer on sharing the UAN number, Details like previous employer name, date of exit,etc
  • ramesh
    21 Mar 15
    can employer get to know date of joining and date of exit
  • Dhananjaya REddy
    09 Oct 14
    Can I change member id which is assigned to UAN?
  • neha
    28 Oct 14
    You cannot change but you can link Previous Member IDs (previous PF account numbers) to UAN.
  • Sridhar
    19 Nov 14
    could you please procedure to link okder PF account to newly activated UAN number. muh appreciated. Thanks
  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    Once you login into UAN portal, you will see the "Previous Member ID tab" on top. It will have the "List Previous Member ID" option in the dropdown. On clicking it, you will have to enter the previous PF account number and once you verify the details, you should be able to add it to your UAN.
  • Shravan
    05 Feb 15
    Thanks for your reply i have one more query what if the name mis-match with the previous PF account

    kindly please let me know