EPF Balance UAN - 6 Easy ways to Enquire / Check EPF Balance Online

EPF is a primary savings tool for large number of people working in private organized sector in India. EPF accounts and EPF balance is managed by Indian Government agency called 'Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)'.

Traditionally it has been very difficult to check EPF balance because of lots of paper work and time involved. It was also difficult to track whether the money is getting deposited in EPF account or not. There have been cases where the employer cut the money from salary but never deposited with the govt. / EPFO. Luckily, the scenario is changed now. With the introduction of new initiatives by EPFO like UAN number, EPF Mobile App, SMS services, etc. it is now very easy to know your EPF balance. Here are six ways to check EPF balance quickly.

In 2017, it is easiest to check pf balance through your UAN number with multiple possible ways (on uan portal, sms, mobile app etc. All methods to check pf balance with uan number are described below in detail). If you don't know your UAN number, you can still check your balance using method number 2 described below.

1. EPF Balance via SMS - Balance Check with UAN number

This is the quickest way to check your EPF/PF balance. You don't need to remember your UAN and other details. Just send an sms in a specified format and you will get a message on your phone showing details of your EPF balance.

To use this service, you need to be a registered UAN member (Universal Account Number). UAN (Universal Account number) is a unique number issued by EPFO to every employee. It is a life long account number and does not change on changing jobs. You need to do your UAN activation, to start using this sms service for EPF Balance Check.

SMS details to check EPF Balance:

We wrote a detailed post on EPF Balance Enquiry Through EPFOHO SMS. Giving here the main points for your quick use -

Send SMS To: 7738299899

Within a minute, you will receive an sms containing your PF details including last contribution and balance, account linking status for Aadhar, PAN, and Bank Details.

2. EPF Balance Online - Balance Inquiry on EPFO Portal

EPF India is the main website of EPFO listing information regarding all the available services for employees, employers and pensioners. To know your PF balance on EPF Portal, you just need to know your EPF number which you can find out on your pay-slip.

Steps for EPF balance status on EPFO portal -

  • Go to http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php and click on 'Click here to know your PF Balance'.
  • Select State where your EPF account is maintained.
  • Select EPFO Office within that state. Here office means the EPF office where your EPF contribution was deposited by your employer.
  • Enter your PF account number, name and mobile number. Please ensure to
    fill your EPF number correctly. Also your name should be the same as maintained in EPF records. So check your pay-slip to avoid any errors.
  • Click submit and within minutes you will receive a sms on the given mobile number mentioning your PF account balance.

In the SMS, EE amount means Employee's contribution and ER amount means Employer's contribution in your PF account.

3. EPF Balance UAN - Balance Inquiry on UAN Portal, Unified Portal

Since the launch of UAN (Universal Account Number) in 2014, almost all online services have become UAN based so its useful to register UAN on EPF UAN portal. Currently, UAN is allocated to all EPF members who have received at least 1 contribution after Jan 2014. For older EPF accounts also, one can request EPFO for UAN number.

For those new to UAN, UAN is a unique number which links to multiple EPF accounts of an employee. This number does not change on changing jobs - the new PF account number from the new employer gets linked to this unique UAN. Once you complete your PF UAN Activation, you will be able to use its various online services.

EPF check balance on the New Unified Portal -

Starting Dec 17, 2016, EPFO has launched next version of UAN called UAN 2.0 which streamlines the process of EPF amount deposit and balance tracking. New website details are available on EPF Unified Member Portal.

On the unified portal, you can login using your UAN and password and check your PF balance by downloading your PF passbook. Passbook will show monthly epf deposits and interest entries.

Steps for EPF check on UAN portal (Old) -

The passbook will show your monthly contributions, employer's monthly contributions and current EPF balance.

4. EPF Balance Missed Call - Balance Enquiry using Missed Call

This is another easy way to check your EPF account balance quickly. You don't need to remember and enter any details like UAN, Region code, Office Code, etc. Just give a missed call to the specified number and you will receive a sms within a minute. This SMS will have information on your latest EPF Balance.

Missed Call Details to Check PF Balance

Give Missed Call To: 011 2290 1406

The call will disconnect automatically after 2 rings and within a minute you will get a sms on your mobile mentioning details like your date of birth, UAN number, KYC Status, Last PF Contribution and your PF Balance.

5. EPF Balance Check On EPF Mobile App m-epf

The Official Mobile App from EPFO is available on google play store. It is named "m-epf" and is available for download on the EPFO website also. You can check EPF balance and view your passbook through the m-epf mobile app.

To check PF Balance through app you need to first do your UAN number activation which can be done on the app itself.

Steps for EPF check balance on m-epf Mobile App -

  • Install the m-epf app, open it and click on 'Members' button.
  • Click on 'Balance/Passbook' button.
  • Enter your UAN and phone number and submit. The balance will get displayed on the screen.

You can also view your EPF Passbook by clicking 'View Passbook' button. The passbook will show you the opening balance (EPF balance carried forward from the last fiscal year) and monthly contributions of the current fiscal year.

6. Monthly SMS Alert on EPF deposits

You can also get a regular update on your monthly EPF deposits. Just activate your UAN and EPFO will send you a SMS alert every time a credit / debit happens in your EPF account. The SMS will show you the latest PF contribution happened in your PF account. This way its easier to keep a check on your EPF account transactions.

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PF Balance Check with UAN Number

So in summary, if you know your UAN number and want to check your EPF balance, then use one of the following above given methods:

PF Balance Check without UAN Number

If you don't know your UAN number and only know your PF ID, then you only have single method:

News on PF Balance Check / Enquiry with uan number

Paperless EPF by next year

EPFO has decided to become completely digital and paperless by Aug 2018. This will boost its services and make withdrawal and pension simpler. Alongwith we hope for a streamlined balance check procedure and working epf passbook / uan passbook.

6th Sep 2017

8.65% interest rate on EPF for 2016-2017

Finance ministry has declared an interest of 8.65% for EPF for the duration of Apr 1, 2016 to Mar 31st 2017. Lately finance ministry was trying to convince EPFO to reduce the rate, but finanlly let the december decided rate of 8.65% to continue.

15th April 2017

New EPF Passbook Portal

EPFO has launched a new website to provide EPF Passbook to members and it is available at [EPF Passbook Facility Portal]( One can login to this using your UAN number and password (same as used for login to UAN member portal). It seems a temporary response from EPFO due to frequent failure of new unified portal.

25th March 2017

EPF Balance Enquiry on UAN member portal - passbook option

Due to technical delays, passbook on UAN member portal is not currently available and hence you can't check your balance on UAN member portal or unified portal. As per EPFO, the passbook will be available only after 16th March 2017. Overall we are skeptical as UAN member portal remains down most of the time. Please use sms based option or mobile app to check your EPF balance meanwhile. They are working fine.

14th March 2017

EPF Balance Withdrawal process got simplified with 1 page form

EPF Withdrawal process got simplified with 1 page form called CCF form or Composite Claim form. If your EPF account is UAN activated and have Aadhaar linked, you don't even need employer's attestation. Really good news for EPF members.

1st March 2017

Aadhaar mandatory for EPF Pension Scheme

Labour ministry has mandated EPF Aadhaar linkage for EPF account holders. So it is recommended for all EPF members to contact their employers and submit their Aadhaar number for linkage as soon as possible.

6th January 2017
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