EPF Mobile App (m-epf) - Guide on App Download and Use

EPF is one of the largest social security scheme provided by government of India. It is managed by a government organization called Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). All EPF members and their employers need to access various services of EPFO like EPF Balance Check, Passbook Download, etc. To make lives easy for its members, EPFO has launched a mobile app called m-ep which can be installed on android phones and used to quickly access various epf services.

Use of smart phones is increasing in India at a very high rate and people find it easy to do things on mobile rather than on a computer. So it is a commendable initiative by EPFO to launch a mobile app for its members.

m-epf App Download - EPFO Mobile App Download

The EPF mobile app, m-epf, is currently available only for android phones. It can be downloaded from google play store.

Just press 'Install' and the m-epf app will be installed on your phone.

EPFO App Balance Check, m-epf balance

The most useful feature of the m-epf app is pf balance check. You can quickly check current balance or download passbook to view all deposits made in current financial year.

  • Open m-epf app and click on 'Members' button.
  • Click on 'Balance/Passbook' button.
  • Enter your UAN and phone number and submit. The balance will get displayed on the screen.

You can also click 'View Passbook' button to open passbook and see all entries for current financial year.

UAN Activation on EPFO App, m-epf UAN Activation

Another nice feature of EPFO app is that you can quickly activate your UAN. UAN is your unique identifier which will remain unchanged lifelong and it will be linked to your each and every EPF account. All EPFO services are now UAN based so its recommended to register and activate UAN as soon as possible. Good news is that you can do the UAN activation on m-epf app itself.

  • Install the app, open it and click on 'Members' button.
  • Click on 'Activate UAN' button.
  • Select Office from the drop down and enter other details - Establishment Code, Extension, Employee Number, UAN number and your mobile number.
  • Click on ACTIVATE button.

This will complete the UAN activation.

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