EPF UAN Login - EPFO Login for PF Members

Employee Provident fund (EPF) is India's main social security scheme covering more than 15 crores of workers in organized sector. All EPF members and their employers need to access the EPFO online servies for different tasks. The first step towards accessing the EPF online services is the ablity to login into your EPFO UAN account (for which there is a pre-requisite of UAN registration and UAN activation)

UAN (Universal Account number) is a very important number for employees as all the online EPF services are based on UAN Login. If you are new to EPF world, UAN is your unique identifier which will remain unchanged lifelong and it will be linked to your each and every EPF account.

EPF UAN Login for PF Member (Employee)

For UAN login, you need to know your UAN number. Every PF Member is eligible for obtaining a UAN. Currently, UAN is allocated to all EPF members who have received at least 1 contribution after Jan 2014. For older EPF accounts also, one can request EPFO for UAN number. You can find out your UAN from your pay-slips. If you don't know your UAN yet, please contact your employer.

To login to UAN Member Portal, you need to do a one time activation / registration of your UAN which is very simple. There are 3 possible ways to do UAN login and UAN registration and activation -

  1. On UAN Member Portal. UAN Member Portal (also called EPF member portal) is a website from EPFO offering a host of EPF services online.

  2. On EPF Mobile App which can be downloaded on Android Phones.

  3. By sending SMS.

Let us discuss all of these one by one.

1. UAN Login on UAN Portal

Steps for one time UAN registration and activation

  • Go to UAN Member Portal and click on ‘Activate your UAN' in the Login block.

  • Click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Fill your details - your UAN, phone number and PF number (PF Member ID). Make sure you fill the PF number in right format. Also, fill only that mobile number which is permanent as you might need this later if you forget the password.

  • Enter Captcha and click on 'Get PIN' button. You will get an authorization PIN on your provided mobile number.

  • Enter the authorization PIN and submit the form.

  • On the next screen you will see your name, date of birth, company name and other details. Verify that these details are correct and then create the password. You will use this same password for UAN login everytime so remember it.

  • Provide email address and submit. This completes the UAN registration and activation. You will see a message "UAN registered successfully. Your login detail has been sent to your mobile number."

UAN Login

After activation and UAN registration now you can login to the UAN portal anytime using username and password. The Username is your UAN 12 digit ID and password is the one that you have created during UAN activation.

If you forget your password, you can click on forgot password. It will send you an OTP (one time password) on your registered mobile number and you can use this OTP to set the new password.

Please remember to update your mobile number in your Profile on UAN Portal whenever you change your mobile number because most of the UAN services are linked to your registered mobile number.

2. UAN Login on EPF Mobile App m-epf

EPFO has launched the EPF Mobile App some time back and it is now available on google play store. It is named "m-epf" and is available for download on the EPFO website also. After m-epf download you can do UAN registration and activation on the app itself.

Steps for UAN registration and activation on m-epf Mobile App -

  • Install the m-epf app, open it and click on 'Members' button.
  • Click on 'Activate UAN' button.
  • Select Office from the drop down and enter other details - Establishment Code, Extension, Employee Number, UAN number and your mobile number.
  • Click on ACTIVATE button.

This will complete the UAN activation. Now you can do EPF Balance Enquiry and view your passbook on the m-epf app.

3. SMS based UAN Activation

This is the quickest way to register and activate your UAN. It enables members to activate their accounts by just sending an SMS. The Member has to send EPFOHO ACT,<<12 digit UAN number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>> from his mobile at 7738299899. Please note that there is no space before and after comma in the SMS.

Send SMS To: 7738299899
SMS Format / Text: EPFOHO ACT,<<12 digit UAN number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>>

For example if UAN 123456789876 and Member ID XXYYY12345670007654321 is to be activated then SMS content will be

EPFOHO ACT,123456789876,XXYYY12345670007654321.

Once activated, the member becomes eligible to all services envisaged in UAN programme such as credit alerts, passbook etc. This facility is especially helpful to such members who may not have easy access to computers or smart phones.

EPFO Login: Forget Password & Reset Password

Click on 'forget password' and supply your details. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile phone. Provide that OTP and you can reset your password.

UAN Login Problem: Mobile Number Change

Registered mobile number is a very important part of both UAN login and EPFO Employer login systems. It is used to receive OTP and is a key part of process to reset your password. But what about if you changed your mobile number.

To fix the problem associated with mobile number change, EPFO provides a mechanism to change your registered mobile number through UAN Helpdesk. On UAN helpdesk, first register as a member and then click on 'Forgot Password and Mobile No is Changed'. It will ask you to fill details like Name, Father's name, Date of birth, PF ID, and your new mobile number. On submit, it will create a request to change your registered mobile phone number and provide you a 'reference number' for tracking purposes.

EPFO UAN login problem: Website down or not working, OTP not received

One of the most common complaint of people is that EPFO website is not working. During Dec 2016, EPFO has done a complete overhaul and launched new EPF Unified Member Portal and EPF Unified Employer Portal. But somehow, these new portals are not fully ready and hence people are facing problem while login. EPFO department is working to fix these problems and these issues should get resolved by start of year 2017.

UAN Login Problem - login credentials invalid or incorrect

Either your username (UAN ID) or password is incorrect. Please verify these and try again.

Employer Login

Please follow EPF Employer Login guide for details about employer login on the epf portal.

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