How much amount will you get on EPF withdrawal

  • 10 January 2013

When I got my EPF amount in my bank account, I was not sure whether its the right amount I claim. I have got the amount in 2 portions so I thought one would be the employee's contribution and the other would be employer's. But that way the calculations didn't match. Its only after a day of many failed attempts that I could match my amount correctly with my calculation. And what a joy it was! I got to know that one portion was the total EPF portion (i.e. my EPF contribution + employer's EPF contribution) while the other was the EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) portion.

After becoming EPF enlightened, I thought of sharing my wisdom ;) with you. If you want to calculate your EPF amount, here are the steps -

  1. Find out your PF contribution. It appears usually as 'PF deduction' in your salary slips. It will either be (a) 12% of your (basic + DA(if any)) or (b) 12% of Rs 6500/- i.e. Rs 780/-
  2. Find out employer's PF contribution. It is usually mentioned in the offer letter. If not there, ask your employer. It will either be (a) 12% of your (basic + DA(if any)) or (b) 12% of Rs 6500/- i.e. Rs 780/-
  3. Out of the above 12%, 8.33% goes in Employee Pension Scheme (subject to a maximum of Rs 541/-). So the actual amount that goes in EPF from employer's contribution is 3.67%. If your employer is contributing Rs 780/- (12% of Rs 6500/-), then EPF portion will be 3.67% of 6500/- i.e. 239/-. While if your employer is contributing 12% of your (basic + DA(if any)), then EPS being capped at 541/- , EPF portion will be = 12% of basic - 541/-
  4. The interest on EPF is calculated as simple interest on monthly contributions and round to nearest rupee and then compounded yearly.

Example EPF Calculation:
In my case, EE as well as ER contribution was 780/- Out of employer's 780/-, only Rs 239/- were going into EPF while the remaining Rs 541/- were going into EPS. Lets say I joined in Nov. The interest calulation on my contribution for the first 5 months of employment is given below :

Date Accumulated Employee Contribution Monthly Interest @ 9.5%
1-Dec 780 (This amount is the contribution of November which got submitted in PF account on 1st Dec) 0 (No interest earned as on 1st Dec because there was no PF balance before this date)
1-Jan 1560 (This amount is the contribution of Nov. and Dec. both : 780+780=1560) 6 (Interest is calculated on the amount which was there in the account before this date: 780*9.5% /12)
1-Feb 2340 (1560+780=2340) 12 (1560*9.5% /12)
1-Mar 3120 (2340+780=3120) 19 (2340*9.5% /12)

This means my total contribution for this whole financial year is 3120/- and the interest is 37/- . The interest will be added to the contribution at the end of the financial year. So next year 3120/- + 37/- will become my opening balance and the calculation will go on like this. Similarly employer's contribution is calculated below:

Date Accumulated Employer Contribution Monthly Interest @ 9%
1-Dec 239 (This amount is the contribution of November which got submitted in PF account on 1st Dec) 0 (No interest earned as on 1st Dec because there was no PF balance before this date)
1-Jan 478 (This amount is the contribution of Nov. and Dec. both : 239+239=478) 2 (Interest is calculated on the amount which was there in the account before this date: 239*9.5% /12)
1-Feb 717 (478+239=717) 4 (478*9.5% /12)
1-Mar 956 (717+239=956) 6 (717*9.5% /12)

This means employer's total contribution for this whole financial year is 956/- and the interest is 12/- . So next year 956/- + 12/- will become the opening balance and the calculation will go on like this.

Note: To know the EPF interest rates for a particular year, see this post : EPF Interest Rates

EPS calculation
If you have filled the withdrawal option in Form 10C, you would get a EPS portion back. Here are some facts:

  1. The EPS part (which is a part of the employer's contribution) does not earn any interest.
  2. On EPS withdrawal you do not get the full EPS amount. The amount depends on number of years of service, and is not related to actual balance in EPS Fund. The withdrawal amount is governed by Table ‘D’ (given below).
  3. The fraction of service for six months or more is treated as one year and the service less than six months is ignored. So 3 years and 6 months will be rounded upto 4 years and 3 years, 2 months will be rounded to 3 years.

Table D

Years of Service Proportion of wages at exit
1 1.02
2 1.99
3 2.98
4 3.99
5 5.02
6 6.07
7 7.13
8 8.22
9 9.33

Example EPS Calculation:
I had completed 1year 5 months in my previous company, so for the purpose of EPS calculation my 'years of service' will be counted 1 year. My monthly salary was > Rs 6500 per month but for purpose of EPS only Rs 541 p.m or Rs 6,500 annually is considered. So the EPS amount that I got back was 1.02*6500 = Rs 6630/-

With the above information on your fingertips, I hope you would be able to solve your EPF - EPS mystery. Wish you good luck!

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Is the tax already deducted from the amount transfered to the bank account? Or is the responsibility of paying tax on EPF is on us? If it is the later, it will be helpful if someone shows using an example how to compute the tax.they

Tax is usually not deducted from the amount we get back. Its our responsibility to pay taxes on the EPF amount as per the income slabs.

Income on EPF return is not taxable if the account holder closes his/her account after completing 5years service.. This is my understanding, if this seems wrong please correct it.

Yes, thats right. Income on EPF return is not taxable if the account holder closes his/her account after completing 5years service.

Hi Neha, you article is really helpful to me.. keep it up.. I resigned from my indian job and i am currently working abroad..I filled form 19 and 10c before leaving question is how much time it will take to get pf amount in my account... as per epfonline my claim is submitted on 22nd January 2013. so do i get money in feb'13? Also, as per my knowledge pf amount is directly credited to my bank account and no cheque processing and all that right? Final one is, suppose i get my money in april'13 then my total income in india for new financial year is zero so do i have to pay tax on pf amount? Thanks in advance..

Hi Npower, it takes around 1-2 months to get your money in ur account. Yes it will be credited directly. I am not sure on the tax liability of ur EPF.

I worked in HDFC Ergo GIC Ltd on the payroll of 3rd party administrator (G.I Group) for 10months i.e 12-Feb'12 to 30 Nov'12
I've been received 10 salary cheque during the time.
My PF contribution was Rs780 from my salary
& Employer contribution was exactly the same like above case EPS 541+ EPF 239=Rs780 similarly like above.

Now i want to withdraw my PF so please suggest me how can i get my PF asap & How much amount I'll get now as its Feb13 running.

HELP please.
Formalities-Documents-time etc??

All your queries are answered in EPF related posts on this site. Please check all EPF tagged posts and their comments to get all details.


From 31/3/2012 my pf not submitted by employer then how i can claim to this my pf. now i am leaving my company but pf cant withdrawal.

Dear Neha,

I am Senthil from Madurai.
I work as A HR Executive in "DOT COM INFOWAY"

I would like to thank you for giving such a wonderful informative message.
it really feeds me a lot on this topic.
if you can please tell how to get that 8.33% which is been deducted for EPS form Employer contribution and tell me when can i get it?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


Hi Senthil,

You have to fill Form 10c for EPS withdrawal. You are eligible to withdraw EPS only if the total service period is less than 10 years. Once, the service period crosses 10 years, the withdrawal option ceases. Hope it helps you.

Dear Neha,

Thanks for your information. Its really very helpful for all.
Please let me know how we can get our EPS amount after 10 years.

if the employee completes 10 years of the service, the withdrawal option ends and the member becomes eligible for receiving pension after the age of 58.

Dear Sir,

I have worked in a company for more than 6 years, just wanted to know how much i would be eligeble for payment cerdit in my account both under 10C and form 19.

Incremental Deduction in salary is mentioned in below table

Onwards PF deduction basic wage
28NOV05 552 4600
28N0V06 785 6545 533ESIC
01APR07 785 6545
01JAN08 794 6611
01AUG08 793 6611
01JAN09 801 6677
01FEB09 801 6677
01JAN10 904 7535
01SEP10 958 7984

However according to PF Slips.

10-11 60402 20836
09-10 44319 14373
08-09 31643 10259
07-08 20037 6545
06-07 9432 3214
05-06 1724 528


The post itself should answer your question. Please do calculations for yourself and ask if you have any specific doubts.

Dear Neha,
I joined on 28th April 2008 and 04th April 2013 would be my last working day in my company, would my PF amount be taxable...? if yes then at what %age....?


Since the total service years is less than 5 years, your PF withdrawal will become taxable if you withdraw .The tax will be according to your income slab and will apply for the financial year in which its withdrawn. More details : Tax on EPF withdrawal

Is is compulsory to submit 10C form of pension scheme for PF withdrawal, what if I don't submit? Wcill I get full PF amount? as complete 2yrs of service in non-residence state co's?

I think its necessary. If you dont want to withdraw EPS, then you have to mention it specifically in 10C

plz tell me the procedure of epf balance online

Thanks a ton Neha :):) .. This was so helpful !!!

Hi All,
I left my first organization after serving them for 2 years 11 months and 29 or 30 days in Nov 2009. I left my second organization after serving them for around 10 months in Sep 2010. I applied for their PF transfer but nothing is showing on EPF website for first companies status. It shows the below status for my second company's PF transfer request:
Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

Now I want to withdraw the account as I do not find it feasible that i would easily be able to transfer the amount.

All the info provided would really help, just a quick question that after filling the Form 19 & form 10c whom should I send the forms, is it the previous employer or to the EPF office of the company's head quarter (whose code exist in my PF account number e.g. MAS for Chennai on my payslip). And is it just 2 papers i.e. form 19 & form 10c that I need ot send or is it anything else, I need to send to them. Kindly assist. Your assistance wil be really appreciated.


You should send the forms to the respective employer with whom you have the PF account. As for the procedure of withdrawal, see the details in this post :EPF withdrawal process

sir my question is I have completed 13 years in one organization am already eligible for pension but I don't want pension I want to total pension amount. if suggested please. thank you

This is very useful! Thanks.

Hi Sneha, I have applied for pf in Dec 2012. But still no update. I worked for 3 years in Cognizant Hyderabad and the main PF office is at Cognizant Chennai. I have sent n number of emails to the company still no response. Pls help.

Hi Naaz,

Have you tried checking your PF status online? EPFO balance online

Yes I have tried but couldn't go through Can you help me with that

I can help in checking your status online only if I know your PF account number.

Can EPS be withdrawn after 10 years of total service(More than one company) wherin PF has been transfered to my last company

No EPS cannot be withdrawn after 10 years of service.

m working in ultratech cement last 10 augst 2007 to till now . now i want to withdraw the pF partially . please let me know is ther any possiblity to withdraw partially amount and what is the procedure ??????????
its very urgent .

sujeet sahani

You cannot withdraw the EPF amount in parts but you can take PF loan with certain conditions.

joining pf w.e.f. 29.11.1984 and retiring on 30.9.2014. Date of birth is 17.9.1956
how much amount I can withdraw today. Thanks

Hai Iam working with a organization for the last 6 years and if i want to withdraw my pf amount working with same organization iam i eligible ?

You can withdraw only when you are unemployed. So if you are resigning from your company then you can withdraw your PF.

Hi Neha,

First of all thank you so much for your post. I was working in a company from Aug-10 to Feb-12.
I have seen 4973 is deducted from my monthly salary. I was working for 17 months and the total PF deducted approximately Rs 84541 /- . I applied for withdraw and I filled 10c and 19 forms. I have got only Rs 12,935 . I am totally confused and worried so much. Please let me know, am I got 10c claim or form 19 claim? Is the pf office deposit the amount in single slot for both? If yes, why i have got less amount. Thanks in advance for the help

Hi Bala,

As mentioned in another post , you have just got the EPS part i.e. 10C claim. You will get the other part soon. Although I got both the parts on the same day, some people report getting the another part a week after or so. Hope it relieves your tension :)

if the branch head is not willing to sign the PF withdrawal form in the place of employer sign then can i forward the same to our HR dept for getting employer sign..? is HR peoples signature is sufficeint for withdraw the PF..?

Hi Neha,

My friend recently resigned from her job and she wants to withdraw her PF , but her company claims that rules have changed and you cannot withdraw your PF anymore , you can just have it transfered. The PF in your account will be accumulated and only can be withdrawn at the time of retirement i.e at the age of 55 years or in case of some specific conditions.

As your post seemed very latest so just thought of sharing as I dont think this of accurate information.

Hi Nandita,

There are no rule changes regarding withdrawal of EPF as per my knowledge. You can withdraw your EPF if you are unemployed at the time of withdrawal. The EPF site itself has withdrawal forms for download purpose.

Hi I worked with one company and I left the job an year ago and I submitted the form of pf in my company in 20th March 2013. But I cannot go thru my claim status as it is showing "no records found" and the site is showing my balance...
Please help me to know in how many days I can get my money...? Coz it's already more than 43 days....

Hi Aamir,
You can check your status online as described in this post. It usually takes 3-4 months for the EPF money to get credited in your account.

I worked in an organisation for 4 years and 11 months 26 days (got released 4 days ahead of DOJ anniversary) :(.
Now, if I withdraw the PF amount, then will it be taxable?
As, I am outside the 5 years limit but the service is less than 5 years.


Yes, it will be taxable as the service is less than 5 years.

I left service at around 4.5 years, and am now working in a start-up with 5 other people only for the last 9 months. My PF account is still on, but obviously without any contribution in the last 9 months.

If I withdraw, will I have to pay tax considering this being a start-up, we still don't have EPF going for anyone. Thanks for your help Neha.

Hi siddharth,

Your withdrawals will not be taxable as you have now crossed the 5 yr limit of working years.

Hi ,

My DOJ in my company is 03.apr.2010 and the DOR is 17 sep 2012. My basic salary is Rs.4500/- and my monthly PF contribution is 12 %(employee and employer). I want to know what would be my total PF withdrawal amount . Pls let me know the calculation.

Because i have gotten only 21,500/- , despite working for about 2 years and 5 months. Is this the right amount.Please let me know the correct pf balance. If it is incorrect whom i have to approach. I called HR dept of my previous company, she gave me couple of numbers such as 1242578635, 01242578638 & 01242578633 and no one is answering the phone. Please help.

Thanks and Regards