PPF Premature Closure after 5 years - Latest Rule (2016)

PPF account has a lock-in period of 15 years. Up until now, you were allowed to close the account prematurely only in the event of the death of the Account holder. But now you can close prematurely, after completion of 5 years, for medical emergency and higher education also, though with a penalty of 1% reduction in interest rate throughout.

On Jun 18th 2016, finance ministry issued a new notification containing updated rules for premature closure of PPF. You can see the official gazette notification here. Let us understand the details -

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ESI Online Payment of Contribution

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is one of the major social security plans in India, the other being Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Government of India enacted the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESI Act) to set up Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). ESIC covers low-earning employees providing them with basic healthcare and social security schemes. ...

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EPF Balance Enquiry with UAN number (SMS: EPFOHO UAN ENG)

If you are a registered UAN member (Universal Account Number), you can enquire your EPF/PF balance by sending a quick sms. Here are the details:

Send SMS To: 7738299899

Within a minute, you will receive an sms containing your PF details including last contribution and balance, account linking status...

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Know how to check - EPF / EPFO withdrawal claim status online

Now-a-days you can check the status of your EPF withdrawl claim status online.

If you want to withdraw and have not filed the claim yet, you can follow the pf withdrawl process post. If you have already filed your withdrawl claim, you can check the status of your claim at the following site:


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(EPF/PF) UAN Member Portal

UAN (Universal account number) is a unique number alloted by Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to every employee contributing to PF (provident fund). This number has now become mandatory for every employee so if you want to avail any of the EPF services like PF Withdrawal, PF Transfer, PF Balance Check etc. you need to have your UAN.

Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) had launched UAN based Member portal to provide a number of online facilities to its members - this portal is also called Unified Portal or EPFO e sewa portal or simply UAN portal. Registration is required to avail these facilities. Let us understand how to register and login to the portal.

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Income Tax Return Processing and Refund Timelines

We have got some questions regarding how much time it takes to get the Income tax return to be processed or how much time it takes to get the income tax refund back to us. Below are some sample timelines from IncomeTaxIndiaEfiling about recent years to give you an idea.

case 1: No tax refund was demanded.

|Date | Status...

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A Well thought (but misguided) Strategy or a Scam - Program Management fee for HDFC Classic and Preferred accounts

An open letter to HDFC Bank Executives
by a long time loyal customer (now looking for moving to other banks)

Since Jan 2016, HDFC bank started charging Rs 100 per quarter as program management fee for classic and preferred accounts.

I have been a long time hdfc customer with decent amount of money parked in FDs and multiple savings accounts. I came to know about this 'program management fee' ...

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EPF — What is EE amount and ER amount

When you inquire your EPF (also called PF for provident fund) balance from EPFO, the terms you encounter are EE and ER.

EE amount - Employee Contribution in EPF account.
ER amount - Employer Contribution in EPF account.

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EPF — Claim has been approved. Payment is under process.

Once you submit the EPF/PF withdrawal forms, the status message that you see on website is

Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No () has been approved. Payment is under process.

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EPF — Your request is in Transit between EPFO Out and In Office

Once you submit your provident fund (EPF / PF) transfer claim and it gets approved by your employers, the status message that you see on website is

Your request is in Transit between EPFO Out and In Office

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