UAN Full Form and Meaning

UAN No. = Universal Account Number

While joining a new company, every employee has to fill the Declaration Form / Form 11. One of the fields in the form asks to provide their 'UAN No.' Most of the new employees (and even experienced people) are confused about the meaning of UAN as it is a relatively new ID issued by government (started in 2014).

Here are useful quick details to help you:

  • UAN (Universal account number) is a unique number alloted by employee provident fund organization (EPFO) to every employee contributing to PF (provident fund).

  • If you have never been employed (new employee) or were an employee of a company which did not give PF, you won't have a UAN. For others, there is a high chance that your previous company has applied and got a UAN for you. You should be able to find it in your pay slips next to your PF number.

  • All different PF accounts allotted to an employee by different employers will get linked to this unique UAN which is portable across companies.

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