EPF UAN Status - 2 Step Guide to check UAN status online

EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is India's main social security scheme covering more than 15 crore workers across India. Lately EPFO (Employee Provident Fund organization) has been working on digitising their systems so that members always have instant visibility about their balance and can withdraw it without going through lot of hassle. To simplify the process they have launched UAN (Universal Account Number) based process to identify each member.

One of the immediate task for every epf member is to check their UAN status -- whether UAN has been issued for them and if yes, what's their UAN number. Once they know their UAN status, they need to get their UAN activated.

This article goes into details about how to check your UAN status.

UAN Status Check Online

By checking your UAN status, you can verify whether you have been issued a UAN or not and if issued, what's your UAN number.

You need to know your PF Member ID to check your UAN Status. Though now it also has an option to find UAN based on your PAN or Aadhaar number, but it only works if your UAN account is seeded with your PAN number or Aadhaar card.

You need to follow simple 2 step guide to check your UAN status online.

  1. Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on the link on right side menu title 'Know your UAN status'. Fill the form on that page. It will require following information:
    • Member ID or Aadhaar Or PAN
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Mobile Number
    • Email ID
  2. After submitting the form, it will ask you to provide PIN number sent on your mobile. Once you enter that PIN online, it will show your UAN number if issued already.

UAN Status - Next steps?

If it shows that you don't have a UAN number, you need to ask your employer to issue you a UAN. Employers can generate UAN for members by going through UAN Employer Portal

If you want to check your EPF balance, please go to check epf balance online

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