LIC Premium Payment Status or Policy Status Online

Once you bought an insurance policy provided by LIC (Life insurance corporation of India). it is important to track your policy status and pay your premium on time. There have been many people who have to let go of their policy benefits as they have missed paying one or other lic premiums on-time. Even if you have paid your lic premium to an lic agent or merchant, it is important to track your lic premium payment status to ensure that premium has been successfully deposited to LIC.

Now-a-days there are multiple method to check your LIC premium payment status and LIC policy status. Though, our recommendation is to make LIC online payment of premium, so that there is no confusion at all. more

LIC Login - Detailed guide for LIC Login, Registration & Login Problems

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is India's biggest insurance provider, providing services to more than a crore of people covered. LIC is a public company owned by Govt of India and have wide coverage across India. Over last few years, LIC has been having a decent number of online services that allow you to register for a new policy, pay your premium online etc. Even though quality of the lic site remains sub optimal, it provides useful services to crores of people having LIC policies. This article covers details on how to do LIC login, registration, and avail online services offered by LIC. more

LIC Merchant Login - Step by Step guide for LIC merchants & Agents

LIC (Life insurance corporation of India) is India's premier insurance provider and has wide coverage across the length and breadth of India. Since its inception, LIC has supported a large number of merchants and agents who aid the registration and premium collection. LIC is the biggest insurance provider in India and its asset value is approximately ₹2,009,119 crore as of 2016. more

What is GST - Meaning and Full Form Explained Clearly

Now-a-days GST related news are there everywhere and especially with India's finance minister Arun Jaitely trying to iron out last remaining differences between center and state on GST finer points and implementation. But what is GST? What's its meaning and relevance to ordinary citizen (aam aadmi), to a businessman, and to a finance professional.

GST full form is Good and Services Tax and its a landmark bill in the history of taxation in India. more

GST Login - Step by Step Guide for GST Login on Portal including Registration

GST (Goods and Service Tax) is the landmark tax revamp in India and is going to go live from June 2017. Once live, GST will replace Central excise duty, Service tax, State VAT, Central Sales Tax, Purchase Tax and Luxury tax. Some people have rightly said that it will change the way India does business.

Even though GST will be live in June 2017, GST portal is already up and you can login and ... more

GST API Sandbox

GST (Goods and Service tax) is one of the landmark change in indirect taxation in India and once it goes live in 2017, it will impact the way business is conducted in India. As per current details, GST is going to replace Customs Duty, Excise Duty, Central Sales Tax, Service Tax, State VAT, Luxury Tax and many more. To handle such a far reaching system, a great technical infrastructure is required. more

GST India - Goods and Service Tax India

GST (Goods and Service Tax India) is a ground breaking indirect tax revamp in India. As per current understanding, GST is going to be effective from June 2017 replacing earlier state-wise VAT and central service tax taxation in India.

From layman perspective, GST India has an huge impact on how companies conduct their business, how they raise invoices, how supply chain works etc. First, the ... more

HSN Code List for GST India

HSN full form is Harmonised System of Nomenclature and it is standardized system of name and codes to classify different products. It is a global coding system used by WCO (World Customs Organization) and a variant of this HSN code is being adopted for GST India (Goods and Service Tax India).

In the GST, HSN codes are proposed to identify products and these HSN codes will need to be mentioned on... more

EPF India - Complete Guide to EPFO and EPF in India

India is one of the fastest growing major economy in the world. Key factors behind this growth are - a big pool of working-age population; rising education and engineering skill levels; and a rapidly growing middle class. However, the downside of having a massive population of more than 121 crores is that India continues to face the challenges of poverty, corruption, malnutrition, and inadequate ... more

Penny Stocks India - investing in Penny stocks in India

Penny stocks in India are still not that prevalent, but are available. They remain a risky proposition, but lot of people sell and buy these stocks hoping to make a quick fortune.

What are Penny Stocks India

Penny stocks in India are the stocks of listed companies in India (NSE or BSE) that is trading at very low prices - say below Rs 10 or 20.

Penny stocks in India can be a good ... more