Check EPF Status Online - Balance Status and Claim Status in easy steps

EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is India's main social security scheme and is managed by EPFO. It has more than 4 crore members and a portion of their salary is deposited into their EPF account monthly. This article provide details on how to check EPF status online including the balance status or claim status if the member has filed for an EPF claim.

EPF Status Online

Given the importance of EPF in the life of a organized sector worker / employee in india, it is a common urge to check the status of our EPF accounts regularly. For most of us, EPF is our main savings for retirement.

Traditionally it has been difficult to figure out the status of our EPF accounts until the employee gets retired and files for epf withdrawal or pension. But now, EPFO has introduced a number of methods to easily check your EPF status easily by doing EPF UAN Login. There are three main types of status:

  1. EPF balance status and passbook online
  2. EPF claim status online
  3. UAN Status

EPF Balance Status and passbook Online

If you want to check your EPF account status online, you can use the tools made available by EPFO to check your EPF balance. We have written a detailed article about balance check and it goes through following main methods to check your EPF balance:

EPF Claim Status Online

We can submit multiple types of requests to EPFO - for example, for getting back the money invested in EPF account, for transferring one EPF account to another, for starting a pension and so on. Each of these requests is officially called 'claim' and it includes mainly following type of claims:

  • Application for withdrawal of amount (form 19)
  • Application for settlement of pension amount (Form 10c)
  • Application for EPF transfer (Form 13)
  • Want an advance from Provident Fund (PF) Account - Form 31 for advance/withdrawals
  • Want LIC Policy to be financed through PF Account - Form 14
  • On retirement
    • PF Final settlement (form 19)
    • Settle your EPS (Pension fund associated with epf) - form 10d

For any of these EPF claims, one can check their epf claim status online on

To check the claim status, one need to follow following steps:

  1. Select Your PF Office State
  2. Select Your EPFO Office
  3. Provide Your Employee PF account number

and click on submit and you will see the status of EPF claim submitted by you. This process allows you to check the status of your claim without visited the EPF office.

EPF Claim Status - No Record Found

If you have not submitted a claim or the status of claim is not available at EPFO portal - you will see a 'no record found' message

“No Record Found”

Sometimes it takes many days to get the status reflected online, but it eventually works. So if you have submitted a claim and it is showing 'no record found', please try this tool again after few days.

UAN Status

For checking your UAN Status, please follow UAN status online

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