Cutting your detergent bills for a fully auto washing machine

Fully auto washing machines give us the ease of sitting back and relax once the wash process is started. However, at the same time they eat up more water and detergent compared to semi-auto machines. But do you know that you can save both water and soap in your fully auto machine?

Most, if not all, machines come with a water-reuse feature. I have [Whirlpool WM123 NXT 622D Automatic 6.2 kg Washer ... more

Download YouTube Videos

On Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer, if you want to download online audio/video then IE DownloadHelper is the tool you need. Install this software free from Softpedia.

After installation, a small arrow icon appears in the browser's status bar. The arrow turns green whenever a web page with a downloadable... more

Citibank Account Closure without Visiting Branch

Last week when Citibank sent me a mail informing that my Citibank Suvidha Account will be automatically converted to the new Citibanking Account (in which I will have to maintain a monthly net relationship value (NRV) of Rs.2 lakhs, failing which a monthly charge of Rs.500 was applicable), I decided to close my citibank account. I was thinking it would take a lot of effort because of the fact that... more

EPF interest rates since 1952 - Compare historical rates

The interest rates on the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) keep changing from time to time. To calculate interest on a specific year's contribution, you should know the interest rate prevailing during that year. Here is the ready reckoner showing historical data of interest rates declared on EPF/PF accumulations since 1952 till today.

Financial Year Interest Rate
2015-2016 8.8... more

How much amount will you get on EPF withdrawal

When I got my EPF amount in my bank account, I was not sure whether its the right amount I claim. I have got the amount in 2 portions so I thought one would be the employee's contribution and the other would be employer's. But that way the calculations didn't match. Its only after a day of many failed attempts that I could match my amount correctly with my calculation. And what a joy it was! I got... more

A Beautiful Parent-Child Relationship

I have grown up watching the famous TV serial "Udaan". It has remained one of my very favourite serials. Watching its DVD recently, I took notice of something which did not touch my concerns previously. Although parenting is not really the theme of this serial, yet there are some scenes which really made me think as a parent. Below are three clips from the serial, each focusing on parent-child ... more

Batuta Ka Joota - Sarveshwardayal Saxena (सर्वेश्वरदयाल सक्सेना)

Ibn Battuta (AD 1304 to 1368) was a Moroccan Muslim scholar and traveller who is known for the interesting accounts of his travels and excursions. He is considered one of the greatest travellers of all time, his journeys lasting for a period of nearly thirty years. He journeyed more than 121,000 km, a figure unsurpassed by any individual explorer until the coming of the Steam Age some 450 years ... more

PF withdrawal process - Form 19 (EPF) & Form 10C (EPS)

When I applied for withdrawal of PF/EPF from my last company, it took me some time to understand the process. To make it easy for you, here are the step-by-step instructions for PF withdrawal. more

My Password Manager - KeePassX

Managing plenty of different passwords is a task in itself given the limitations of our memory and the multitude of password policies that different sites enforce. We tend to simplify this task either by writing down all the passwords in a notebook or by reusing same passwords over and over again. Both these approaches are risky. In the first case, there is a risk of someone spying on your ... more


Chandamama is another children oriented magazine imparting valuable educational literature in the form of its stories and tales. It is famous for its never ending stories of Vikram-Vetala and its comics on Jataka Tales and Arabian Nights. The magazine is relevant for children of age group 10+. For junior ones there is "Junior Chandamama" which is published for kids of age 4+ and has contents like ... more