Online Voter Registration in Bangalore - My Experiences

My Experience - 1

Sometime in 2012 there started a flurry of facebook posts on online voter registration for the upcoming 2013 Karnataka assembly elections. A number of organizations and volunteers (like BPAC and smartvote) were working sincerely to encourage the citizens to register their names on the rolls. It ... more

Interest rate on EPF deposits for year 2013-14

Update: Finance Ministry has approved the EPF interest rate of 8.75% for the financial year 2013-14. EPFO has proposed to raise the interest rate on EPF deposits to 8.75% for the financial year 2013-14. The interest rate in the previous financial year was 8.5%. This proposal was made on January 13, 2014 ([related news]( more

How much is the employer's contribution in EPF ?

Until recently, I was under the impression that employer contributes an amount equal to the employee's contribution in EPF. That's what most of us think, right? But its not true in every case. It depends on the employee's basic salary and the company's policy on EPF. I have summarized here the different cases and options -

Case 1 : Employee salary (basic + DA) less than ... more

Track EPF account online with E-Passbook

Having heard recently of e-Passbook facility of EPF, I decided to track my EPF account online. For those who don't know - e-Passbook has all the EPF transactions recorded month-wise and date-wise to make it easier to track our own EPF account. These transactions include the following -

  1. Employer contribution deposited by employer to EPFO
  2. Employee Contribution deposited by employer to ... more

Toilet Training

Toilet Training is something which brings about a good deal of anxiety in new mothers. As soon as I became a mother, I started hearing advises which more or less sounded like "Start training her from now itself. My kids were almost totally potty trained by the time they are a year old. They never wet the bed!". And thus the pressure starts building up - the pressure to be a good mother who is ... more

Hair Fall - My two Cents

Last year when I had a episode of severe hair fall, I started to search internet to find some useful information. To my dismay most of the articles have dealt with the topic in a manner which focuses more on endorsement of various hair care products and less on the real educative stuff. Some articles would go to great lengths to mislead the reader into believing that some specific type of hair ... more

Income Tax Refund Received Within 2 Months !!

Today I got a message from my bank that 7K Rs have been deposited to my account. It looked like the depositor was IT Department as the message bore the language "AY2013-14". So I quickly checked my account statement and my ITRV to match the refund amount. And YES!! I had got my tax refund money that too with interest (although minuscule). I was delighted at the fast-like-a-flash response of our IT... more

Interest on Fixed Deposit - To declare or not to declare in Income Tax Return?

Every year while filing Income Tax returns, a common dilemma that we all face is - whether to declare income from Fixed Deposit interest or not. Many doubts and questions arise in our minds - Is it necessary to declare? Should I save some tax by not declaring it? If I don’t declare, how are they going to know how much income I have earned from FD interest? What do other people do? ..... And the ... more

Stamp Paper Availability in Bangalore

Stamp paper is required for giving legal sanction to any kind of documents like Affidavits, Rental Agreement, Indemnity Bonds, Sale Agreement etc. Previously, stamp papers were easily available anywhere but after the Telgi scam it has become difficult to get a stamp paper. Even the banks have now stopped printing of stamp papers.

Now there are only 2 ways via which you can get your documents ... more

Understanding Premium Calculation on Auto Insurance

Last week when it was time for the renewal of my car's insurance, I was getting quotes from many insurers but was not sure which one to pick. So to educate myself I went through various resources on motor insurance renewal. Here I am putting details on the same for your quick understanding.

First and foremost, motor insurance is compulsory - Vehicles are insured for the first year usually at ... more