Understanding Domain Name Servers and Web Addresses resolution

What happens when we type a website address in a browser's address bar?

Simple, we get the web page hosted on that address but there are a number of processes taking place behind the scenes. The machines on web don't understand the human readable domain names (eg: www.humlog.net) but they need addresses in a format called IP address. So there must be someone sitting in between our browser and ...

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Understanding the set up of one's own website

Its only last week that I got my very first website up and running all by myself! And I cannot wait to tell you how I did it all :)

Here is a step by step process to learn to set up one's own website. (More minute and technical details in the other post for the interested readers.)

  1. Buy a domain name
    • Think of a domain name for your website. (eg: '...

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