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Being myself from north India, it was difficult for me to get started in learning Kannada. Learning a new language is certainly not easy, all the more when there is not much practical need of it.

Bangalore, being a cosmopolitan city, is comfortable most of the times with English and sometimes with Hindi as well. At other times you can resort to sign language safely (as I used to do while communicating with my maid). But still I wanted to learn the language - may be as a token of respect to all those Kannadigas who have been a part of my Bangalore life. To be able to talk friendly and warmly with my maid or with those faceless auto-walas or with the lady sitting next to me in bus or with my building's watchman's kids, is what I wanted in general.

So I started to learn the language - first through a private tutor, and then on my own through various resources available online and offline. I am putting here links of those resources which helped me a lot in this journey of "learning Kannada".

Kannada Learning Websites

Kannada Writing / Reading - Learning script

Even though most people avoid learning the script, it does not take much time and is very helpful later on. I learnt the script in 5 days and kept reinforcing the skill of reading when passing by signboards, shops and restaurant names, etc. The skill of writing came in handy when learning new words with correct pronunciation. If I wrote a new word in English/Hindi for memorizing, I would always pronounce it wrongly later. So I used to write Kannada words in Kannada itself. This initially took some effort but was fun later on.

Learn Kannada Through Books

Facebook groups and pages

You tube play-lists in Kannada

I hope with all these resources at hand your Kannada Learning journey begins happy and ends happy. If you know of any other great resource, please post in comment so that we keep updating this page.

Kannada Books Available Online

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