Understanding Form 15G/H & Submitting Form Online

If your FDs in a particular bank are earning interests exceeding Rs 10000/- in a year, that bank will cut TDS(Tax deducted at source) @ 10% on the interest amount. Now if your total income is below 2 Lakhs (basic exemption limit currently), you are not liable to pay any taxes and hence you need to tell the bank not to cut TDS on FD interest. Form 15G/H is the way to tell this to your bank. If you submit form 15G/15H, then the bank will not deduct TDS and the entire interest income is given to you when the FD matures.

Form 15 G is for people less than 60 years of age while Form 15 H is for those who are 60 years or above. This form is valid for one financial year only. You need to submit the forms afresh in every financial year. Also, if you create a new fixed deposit, you will need to submit form 15 G/H again for that new fixed deposit.

How to submit Form 15G/H ?

Till recently, I had to fill out the form manually with all the details like FD numbers, FD opening date, maturity date and other personal details like address, phone number, etc. This I had to do on three copies of the form - one copy goes to the income-tax department, another remains with the bank and the third copy is returned to the customer with branch seal on it which acts as an acknowledgement copy. Just imagine how cumbersome it would be to fill out all these details in 3 forms one by one. It used to take me around 2 hours to submit the form in every bank and I used to wonder why they cannot provide the facility of submitting Form 15G/H online in this era of net-banking.

Luckily from last year, most banks have started giving the option to generate the auto-filled forms online. This facility is provided to all netbanking customers to ease the process of form submission. Although you still cannot submit the form online - you need to visit the nearest branch for submission, but at least now you dont have to manually fill all those details.

I have used this facility myself on three banks websites - HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and ICICI Bank, and it works like a charm! All you have to do is login to your netbanking account and click on the Form 15G/H option. You will get a list of all FDs that you have with the bank. Just select the FDs for which you want to submit the Form 15G/H and click "Submit". You will get the Form 15G auto-filled with all details. You just need to download it and take a print out (3 copies typically) and sign on the mentioned places. Submit these copies to your nearest bank branch. It will take you just about 5 mins for submission of Form 15G/H now.

This is a welcome move by banks as it saves a lot of time and effort of people like us.

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  • Dumbi Boipai
    05 May 15
    I have a situation here.

    According to my PAN Card No. I come under the Jurisdiction Circle of Kolkata & I have got my FD in a Bank which comes under the Jurisdiction of Baripada Ward (Odisha). Kindly suggest me on clause no. 17, 20 & 21 of Form 15 G in this case.

    Secondly, I have made this FD on the month of August 2014, which is going to mature on October 2'015. Kindly suggest me answer to clause no. 23 in this case.

    Can somebody help me?
  • Sajal
    22 Apr 15
    Can we submit 15g online in SBI?
  • megha
    19 Apr 15
    Hey. I have opened one fd this month in which the interest earned is less than 10000 and now again I want to open one fd where again the interest earned would be less than 10000. But the total interest earned in both the FDs is more than 10000. So am I still supposed to fill form 15th for both of my FDs individually. ? Pl do reply
  • Jagadesh kannan
    07 Apr 15
    Here is the step by step instruction with screen shot to submit form 15G / H online in HDFC
    07 Apr 15
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wish to file Form 15H on line in Axis Bank Tilak Nagar,ND-18.
  • knreddy_m011@yahoo.com
    06 Apr 15
    Presently I am in US. Can I submit form 15 H by E-mail.
    05 Apr 15
    How to fill up Online filling up of Form 15H with Axis Bank
    05 Apr 15
    Online filling up of Form 15H with Axis Bank
  • Nigam Goyal
    31 Mar 15
    Whether form 15G/H has to be submitted within 7 days of next month following the month of payment of interest.
    And in case of payment of interest in the month of March then what will be last date for submit of form 15G/H by the person who made the payment of interest.
    Please reply soon
  • Balaji
    26 Mar 15
    Good News for HDFC Bank Customers.
    HDFC bank's online banking, provided paper-less submission of Form 15G.
    No need to take print outs, No need to visit the branch for submission of signed forms (in duplicates!)...
    Form 15G is submitted just by the click of the mouse. We get pre filled e-acknowledgement too.
  • vijay sheth
    06 Mar 15
    I booke FD during the F.Y. in beiging I received full interest i.e.without deducting TDS around 8,000 recently means beigning of January I booked further F.D. and I submitted 15 H form now i received principal together with interest after deducting TDS on earlier FD
  • Amit Narang
    26 Feb 15
  • Shuba
    19 Feb 15
    Very informative. Thanks. Are we supposed to send all the three copies to the branch where we opened the bank account? I also happen to have a savings account and I see that there is a TDS once every 3 months on it. What do I have to do to avoid this?

  • Manjula Shenoy
    16 Feb 15
    Hello Neha,
    Thanks a lot for this information. It is very kind of you. Really filling these forms was a tough job. Thanks again for solution.
  • Som
    31 Dec 14
    Does form 15G need to be submitted everytime I create new FD in a financial year? I'm using AxisBank, I submited only one form 15G in April, and it seems to be applicable to the all existing as well as new FD's that I create during the year. I wanted to know is it true only for Axisbank? Or other bank ICICI/HDFC/SBI has the same strategy? Or Need to visit bank branch everytime I create a new FD with form 15G?
  • Srinivas
    30 Dec 14
    Hi, I'm a salaried individual and my taxable income under 'salaries' is above the 2.5L exception limit. Now consider that i'm having FDs with total interest payable crossing Rs.10,000. Am I allowed to submit Form 15G to reduce TDS deduction on that interest?

  • Mannu
    11 Dec 14
    Thanks for the article. Some of the lingering questions I have are below. Sorry if you have answered this already in one way.

    My questions: the FD is on my mom's savings acct who does not have an regular income source and requires no mandatory tax filing as the interest alone earned is no where close to 2.5lakh. However her interest on deposits exceeds 10,000/. Would the bank take TDS or is the TDS even applicable for her since her income is zero. Secondly what's the significance of April- June period if we have to submit the Form anyway for every FD?
  • neha
    14 Dec 14
    Yes, the moment the interest on deposits exceeds 10,000/- , banks start cutting TDS irrespective of the total income of the account holder.
    Form 15G/H is valid only for one financial year. That means at the start of every financial year , April- June period, we need to submit the form again for the existing FDs, irrespective of the fact that we are going to have any new FDs in that year or not.
    Hope I have answered your questions.
  • bavesh
    03 Dec 14
  • Kunal
    21 Nov 14
    Hello, can someone please let me know if this form needs to be filled out by NRIs as well?
    I am an NRI and I don't have any income in India. But I do have the FDs and interest will be more than Rs. 10000. I surely would like that bank not deduct any tax but not sure if I am allowed to fill that form.
  • neha
    22 Nov 14
    15G/H is not for NRIs. Its best to apply for tax refund in your case. More details - http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-10-28/news/43462531_1_income-tax-officer-interest-income-wonderland-investments
  • Ramesh rao
    18 Nov 14
    Thanks for this15H form its very useful for the pensioner
  • Bijendra
    07 Nov 14
    Hi, good information to gather. can you send all your new article to my mail singhbijendra63@gmail.com
    04 Nov 14
  • Thiyaga
    19 Oct 14
    TDS only for FDs ? , then i dont have FD but my Bank Deducted TDS. asking me to submit FORM 15G/H ????
    Why ???

  • neha
    26 Oct 14
    There must be some other investments in bank if not FD. Any interest you earn is liable for paying tax (with some exceptions)
  • K Jethava
    05 Oct 14
    salary is above the exemption limit and I have three FDs and each one in different banks/branch with interest amount less than 10,000 per FD. will bank deduct the TDS ? if not than any procedure need to follow as per rule of IT department of India?
  • neha
    08 Oct 14
    If total FD interest is less than 10000/- per year and across branches then the bank will not cut TDS.
  • Manish
    01 Oct 14
    Hi, If the Gross Income is above 2.5L (new limit for this year) but after deductions it becomes Non-Taxable, and the interest income exceeds 10000 in a year in FDs for a bank, can we submit Form 15G so that the bank does not deduct TDS?
  • neha
    02 Oct 14
    Surely, you can.
  • Priya
    21 Sep 14
    If the interest amount which I will receive is less then Rs.10000 and salary is above the exemption limit, will bank deduct the TDS or will I get the full interest?
  • neha
    22 Sep 14
    The bank will not deduct TDS if total interest amount in a year is less than 10000/-
  • neha
    21 Sep 14
    If you mean by deducted amount the 10% TDS deducted by bank, yes you can get it back. While filing your IT claim, mention that TDS amount as the tax paid.
  • Kunjan
    20 Sep 14
    Thank you so much.. it was very helpful..

    Can U please tell me, whether I can get the deducted amount???
  • Hari Madhu
    03 Sep 14
    The article is very informative. It very clearly states that a fresh 15 G / H is to be submitted whenever a new fixed deposit is created. I want to know if it applies to 'Renewal' of an existing deposit during a financial year as, effectively, a new deposit is created and the customer has to exercise his option of whether to submit 15 G / H.
  • neha
    21 Sep 14
    Yes, it applies to Renewal of FD also, as the FD number of the new FD is different and 15G has to be submitted for each FD number.
  • jyoti
    13 Aug 14
    very helpful..thank you.
  • Mayur
    07 Jun 14
    What will be the effect of not filling Form 15G to bank within 7 days. While purchasing FD online, I have mistakenly clicked on exemption option of Online Dmat page Though my total Income exceeds 2L. How can I modified this option.
  • Avi
    11 May 14
    how do i add my date of birth to my account thru the online page? any ideas? or do i have to go to the branch in person?
  • neha
    12 May 14
    as far as i know, you would have to go to bank for that. You can cross check by calling their customer care.
  • SMI
    05 May 14
    Hey Neha
    Great article - really helpful! You mention ICICI bank...i've been searching on my netbanking page for more than 15 mins now, but I couldn't find the 15g link...pls can u specify exactly how to find it? I'd be so grateful if u could point me in the right direction...thanks again!
  • neha
    05 May 14
    After logging in your ICICI Account, go to second tab "Bank Accounts". On that page you will find "Form 15G/H" link in the left side menu bar. Hope that helps you.
  • SMI
    16 May 14
    Thanks for the response Neha. I found the tab, but I'm unable to d/l the form. I had to open a ticket with ICICI's support team, which is still unresolved (it's a pain, but aur kya kar sakte hain?)...BTW, is the same option availb for axis bank? Again, I searched, but I couldn't find it...
  • neha
    16 May 14
    I have no idea about it for axis bank.
  • Avi
    10 May 14
    i see that link. but it is not auto-filled like it was last year.. is it just fr me?
  • neha
    10 May 14
    It was auto fillled for me the last time I checked which is some 5 days back. But now it seems they have revamped the website and I could not find the "15G/H" link itself !
  • Avi
    11 May 14
    yeah site has been revamped now.. it s under "tax statement" now.. but it s not autofilled now.. it comes as the standard pdf only
  • Mahesh
    17 Apr 14
    Hello Neha,

    When we should submit the form 15?
    can we submit at the time of maturity.

  • neha
    17 Apr 14
    submit at the start of financial year (anytime between Apr-June) for all your FDs and then whenever you open a new FD, submit form 15 for that FD. Hope I answered your query.
  • neha
    15 Apr 14
    Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for the nice words. I have put together a RSS feed subscribe button on the top right of the page. Although it doesn't sends an email notification. I will look for some other feed service may be.
  • Mahesh
    14 Apr 14
    Hello Neha,

    it is very good post.Is it possible to get an email notification ,each time you post new article so that we need not to check each day.