Final electoral rolls of Karnataka for 2014 election

The latest and final electoral rolls of Karnataka for 2014 loksabha election are now available on ceokarnataka website. The revised rolls have been published on Mar 26. This was the final revision of rolls. Now there will be no further revisions in the electoral rolls till the elections.

Please ensure that your name in included in the voter lists at the CEO Karnataka Website .

Full name search is not working
While searching my name in the rolls, I spotted a problem in the 'search by name' feature of website. When I entered my full name, i.e., first name + last name, it showed no results. While with just the first name I could get my details. Same problem appeared in the 'relation name'. Entering full name was giving no results. So if you are unable to find your details try entering only first name in your name and in your 'relation name' . To know what is required to be filled in the 'relation name', refer to FAQs of my previous post.

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