Useful Personal Finance Blogs

If you search on net you will get a hundred financial websites or blogs but most of them contain half baked knowledge. The information provided on such sites is usually copied with no original and creative inputs of their own. There are so many of them that even after spending hours trying to gain insight on a topic, in the end you might come out with no better understanding than before.

Very few websites/blogs actually take the pain to present the information in a creative and useful manner. Among those few, there are some which I like to read -

  1. - The articles in this blog have a clear explanation. The content is usually creatively presented so as to become useful to the reader. Images, graphs, tables and use-cases are included wherever required to enhance the understanding of the topic at hand. The writing style is such that it cuts the clutter and goes directly to the points you really need to read. The look and feel of the website catches your attention and the quality of content keeps you there on the page. The site also has a forum where you can ask specific questions.

  2. - This blog also has good quality articles with clear and simple explanations. Examples and calculations are provided wherever required which is helpful in understanding any given topic. The site has seen to it that the financial concepts are passed on to the readers in a simplified way. The writing style is such that it goes into the depth of the topic at hand which is certainly good for gaining a thorough knowledge but can sometimes become superfluous.

Both the blogs are actively maintained till the writing of this post and all comments are quickly answered.

I will keep adding to the above list if and when I come across a useful personal finance blog.

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