Hair Fall - My two Cents

Last year when I had a episode of severe hair fall, I started to search internet to find some useful information. To my dismay most of the articles have dealt with the topic in a manner which focuses more on endorsement of various hair care products and less on the real educative stuff. Some articles would go to great lengths to mislead the reader into believing that some specific type of hair care products only can salvage them. Amidst the myriad of products like shampoos, hair cleansers, conditioners, creamy conditioners, leave-on conditioners, hair oils, herbal hair tonics, hair packs, hair rinses, etc., the victim of the hairfall usually always gets convinced into trying out some new promising product. But the question that gets lost in this mad rush to stop hairfall anyhow, is that do we really need to pamper our hair so much?

After experiencing 2 big episodes of hairfall myself and trying out various products and hair routines, I have come to believe that keeping hair in good health is simple and doesn't depend on a lot of hair care products. Here are some of my views and beliefs

  1. Hair have their own life cycle which is influenced more by intrinsic factors like age, disease, hormonal changes, etc. and less by extrinsic factors like hair care. Hairfall, when it occurs, can be disheartening but it is to be kept in mind that unless there is an underlying medical condition or undue stress it most often goes away on its own. In my case, both the times it took around 3 months for the haifall to go completely. Whilst going through my first severe hairfall I tried out various products and oils only to find that none is creating any wonders. So in my second episode of hairfall, which occured almost 6 years after the first one, I just restrained myself from falling into the trap of hit and try method and tried to see whether it goes away by itself. And really it did go! Hairs that are dead WILL fall, no matter what you do.

    Hair treatments do not act on the hair loss itself (hair that falls has already been dead for several weeks) but rather on regrowing hair in order to make it as numerous and especially as strong as the hair that preceded it." (source: centre-clauderer ).

  2. What causes hairfall? No one knows for sure. Reasons are varied and sources claim that its most often due to vitamin deficiency or stress or hormonal changes in body. So if you are eating healthy and not under undue stress most probably it is due to hormonal changes. In my case, I found that to be true as I was weaning off my baby at that time which is a period of a good deal of hormonal changes.

  3. Oiling is said to be helpful to make hair stronger and some people suggest coconut oil to be the best but in my experience it does not matter what type of oil you use. I believe in (and try to follow) the routine of oiling hair with any thick oil the night before shampoo and conditioning the wet hair just after shampoo with a very light non sticky oil. Lately I been having lot of success with applying castor oil for fixing my hair problems.

That is all about my opinion on hairfall. Hope you find it useful.

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