Citibank Account Closure without Visiting Branch

Last week when Citibank sent me a mail informing that my Citibank Suvidha Account will be automatically converted to the new Citibanking Account (in which I will have to maintain a monthly net relationship value (NRV) of Rs.2 lakhs, failing which a monthly charge of Rs.500 was applicable), I decided to close my citibank account. I was thinking it would take a lot of effort because of the fact that Citibank has only 2 branches in Bangalore both of which are too too far away from my house. So I decided to call the customer care and ask. And my luck... they said no need to visit the branch, the closure application can be couriered!

This is what I had done for closure of my citibank account:

  1. Made account balance close to zero.

  2. Wrote the closure application (see below for sample letter) and signed it with date.

  3. Destroyed my card and cheque book

  4. Speed posted my application to this address: Citibank N.A., Mail Room, No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai - 600002

Sample closure letter

Thats it! Within 10 days I got a sms - "Your account is closed. ATM card / Cheque book of this account are no longer valid." The next day from this, I also got the proceeds towards my account closure, i.e., a cheque of the amount I had left in my account.

Neat. I liked the way it was done. Most banks ask for explanation on why you want to close and they make the closure procedure difficult. But luckily with citibank I did not face all this. Hope you find this article useful.

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  • Susmy Nair
    03 May 15
    Hi this information is really useful. Will i be able to retailn my citibank credit card even if i close my savings salary account?
  • Ajay Singh
    08 Jan 15
    I followed the same way as you explained and got the mail and sms within 3 days for confirmation of account closure.
  • S P Raghavendra
    05 Jan 15
    Thank you very much, same reason with me too. i am closing my account.
  • Dheeraj
    28 Dec 14
    I had suvidha account with citi bank but due to joining new organization, i opened new salary account with other bank.
    But i don't wanted to leave Citi bank so i had words with Citi customer care and then they suggested me to convert suvidha salary account to zero balance saving account. Just download form from Citi bank site and send it to chennai office after filling the form.
  • sunil aher
    10 Dec 14
    the given information is very useful for me.

    Sunil Aher
  • Ritesh
    06 Oct 14
    Thanks for sharing.
  • venkata subbaiah
    26 Sep 14
    the given information is very useful for me.

    venkata subbaiah
  • Sasi
    07 Aug 14
    It helped me... thank you so much for your posting....
  • KirPri
    04 Aug 14
    I have recently changed my job and would no longer get salary on my citibank suvidha salary account.
    Could you let me know how long i could keep the account from not being charged.
    Constraints if i opt for a closure now
    1) I have given the same account number for my Full n Final settlement from my previous company
    2)I have given the same account for my PF withdrawal.

    Please do let me know
  • VS
    15 Sep 14
    You will receive an email when the status of the account is changing from salary to regular suvidha.
  • neha
    23 Aug 14
    I dont know about how long you can keep it without being charged. Please call on customer care.
  • Narasi
    31 Jul 14
    I have 2 a/c's.
    1. Citibanking (converted auto by citibank) 2. ERA
    My ERA has +ve balance. My Citibanking a/c is -ve balance.

    But they have not deducted 500 each month as per stmt by end of March. After March I did not get any a/c stmt at all from them. I have close to -1000 rs. in my citibanking a/c as per 1st Apr 2014. So it means they haven't deducted 500 each month starting Mar 2013 right? How come? or am I getting something wrong here?
  • apurv
    16 Jul 14
    I have not been using the account for over 6months. I had already made the balance 0 and had though that upon no transactions the account would automatically close.But now they sent me a mail quoting the balnce in my account as -500 approx. I called customer care but can't get to someone to talk about this.Please help me close my account.
  • Laksh
    31 Jul 14
    As per Citibank, the account will become dormat after 2 yrs of inactivity by user. If dormat you cannot transact online. Reactivate it by stepping into your branch. So in ur case its still active. My advise is 1) go to near Citi ATM and deposit money. or 2) Use your NEFT from other bank and make this -ve to 0

    Underlying logic is make it 0 by any means and immediately follow it by Closing the a/c.
  • neha
    17 Aug 14
    Thankyou Laksh.
  • neha
    17 Jul 14
    The account will not get closed automatically. You will have to get it closed as described above.
  • Amsin Almeida
    05 Jul 14
    Thank you very much. The information you shared was very helpful.
  • Rahul
    04 Jun 14
    Thank you buddy. The information you shared was very helpful.
  • Paresh Gupta
    16 May 14
    Thanks for the information Neha. It was really helpful.
  • NJ
    14 May 14
    Thanks a lot dear....
    You have shared a simple procedure to close the account.
    I am going to write it today.
  • JC Rao
    02 Apr 14
    Will do this right away!
  • rosh
    25 Mar 14
    Hi. My citi savings account is gone into negative balance on account of deduction of charges for not maintaining d min bal of 1lac as my salaried account is no longer operative. What can be the outcome if I do not pay the negative balance nd dont operate the account.
  • neha
    01 Apr 14
    It is highly advisable to close your account if you are not going to use it because they will keep deducting some charges for not maintaining required balance and one day you will have to pay all those charges as legally if you have an need to follow the rules and regulations.
  • hema
    18 Mar 14
    Thanks for the info Neha...It was really helpful!!!
  • Manish
    03 Mar 14
    Hi Forum, Is it possible to send the scanned copy of this Letter to them on some Email id to get the account closed??
  • neha
    18 Mar 14
    I think, No
  • Satyavan Biradar
    01 Mar 14
    Thanks for sharing the Important draft.......
    Hats offf
  • Irshad
    23 Feb 14
    I also would like to close my suvidha accounts. this information is very really useful for me to closure of account.
  • Reena
    20 Feb 14
    Thanks for info. I also need to close account and the relationship manager has yet not given me the chennai address.
  • Akshay
    07 Feb 14
  • akanksha
    06 Feb 14
    thanks for sharing was really helpful
  • Prafull
    03 Feb 14
    Thanks a lot for ur information... :)
  • Mallikarjun
    23 Oct 13
    Thanks Neha. It was just a copy paste for me :)
  • Jessica
    18 Oct 13
    I sent a similar letter and my account was closed in 3 days. Thanks.
  • Rejin K
    08 Oct 13
    Hello Neha

    I have a suvidha account now am not using it, now i see that the account is in Negative balance, how do i close the account.


  • vikram
    08 Oct 13
    thanks a lot for the great help.....
  • Thanigaivel
    06 Oct 13
    It made my CitiBank Acc Closure very easy. Thanks a lot.. :)
  • Naren
    05 Oct 13
    I am also closing my CITI bank account. Maintaining 1L is tooooo difficult these days. :(
  • Shikha Jain
    30 Sep 13
    Thanks Neha for providing such handy info with all details, I am sending my application today :)
  • Vinayak Tonape
    18 Sep 13
    Thanks Neha..
  • shruthi
    17 Sep 13
    I did it the same way you have explained here. Got an email notification about my successful closure of citibank account in 3 days.
    Thank a ton Neha.
  • Srinivas
    12 Sep 13
    valuable information.
  • jai malhotra
    04 Sep 13
    thanks helped me...god bless.
  • VijilaDavid
    23 Aug 13
    Very informative.... Thankyou.
  • Bhavna
    28 Jul 13
    Really nice to have a simple process detailed out. Saves a lot of hassle
  • Phani
    18 Jul 13
    Thanks for sharing the information which would be very helpful people who doesn't know how to Account closing procedure.
  • sheikh
    09 Jul 13
    Thanks for the valuable information shared, it saved my time and avoided the nuisense talking to the citibank guys. my a/c is closed today using this approach. Appreciate your efforts thanks again!!!
  • Ajay
    05 Jul 13
    Citi bank had informed me lastly about RS:25000 of minimum average balance. I was maintaining the same. At the end of Jun-2013, they have deduced Rs:500+service tax from my account. Upon inquiring they said that minimum balance limit has enhanced now to Rs:1Lac and as I have failed to do so, they have charged. Importantly I do not have received any communication about enhanced limit. In this case is there any way to revert the charges and get closed the account? Thanks in advance.
  • dipti
    23 Apr 14
    same happened with me..i called customer care and told them to revert service charges as they have not communicated about change in policy of minimum balance by any means..they reverted 6 months charges immediately and lodged a query for remaining months...i called again after 10 days and they reverted remaining months charges also..this way i got 9 months charges reverted by calling customer care.
  • nina
    11 Aug 14
    could you tell me precisely how..they want me to lodge a complaint online for the same issue..i was hoping for a faster way out :/
  • neha
    24 Apr 14
    Thanks a lot Dipti for sharing such valuable information. It might help a lot of people here. Kudos.
  • neha
    26 Jul 13
    You can send a letter to Citi bank manager citing your case and asking for a refund of your money.
  • vijaya
    30 May 13
    your information was so helpful...
    thanks a ton :)
  • Vivek Inge
    10 May 13
    I also would like to close my suvidha accounts. this information is very really useful for me to closure of account.

    Vivek Inge
  • Shyam
    29 Mar 13
    Thanks Neha, I also closed in the similar way. I got the SMS two days back. Today got the DD.

  • punit
    16 Feb 13
    Thanks Neha , this is what I was trying to figure out . I will do the same and hope they close it with no hassles .