Income Tax Refund Received Within 2 Months !!

Today I got a message from my bank that 7K Rs have been deposited to my account. It looked like the depositor was IT Department as the message bore the language "AY2013-14". So I quickly checked my account statement and my ITRV to match the refund amount. And YES!! I had got my tax refund money that too with interest (although minuscule). I was delighted at the fast-like-a-flash response of our IT Dept. Just for facts, I had submitted my IT Return online on July 14, got an acknowledgement of receipt from IT Dept on 5 Aug. and got the refund money on 18 Sep. That means I received my refunds in less than 2 months without any hassles. I remember the time, some 4-5 years back, when I got refunds after around 2 years and that too with repeated communication with the IT dept. So the blaze fast processing this time has caught me by surprise.

Detailed flow of my ITRV submission
Date Action
14th July Submitted IT Returns Online
19th July Speed Posted the ITR-V to IT Dept.
5th Aug. Got a sms stating that my ITR-V has been received and accepted
18th Sep. Got a sms stating that my refund money has been deposited in my account

Another good news is that we can now check our refund status online. IT Dept has provided this facility for all of us on this website. All you have to do is enter your pan number and assessment year. The tax refund status will be shown to you with the following details -

Mode Of Payment Reference Number Status Date

IT Dept., keep up the good work and continue to act fast like this in giving back our refunds. :)

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