Paytm without Internet - Money transfer without Internet

One of the most common problem with digital e-wallet solutions like Paytm is that you don't know what to do when Internet connection is not working. Internet connectivity in India varies a lot based on your location -- while it is pretty good in metros and big cities, it is either non existing or very slow in villages.

Due to demonitisation, lot of shopkeepers, merchants and businesses have started using Paytm, but can they use paytm without Internet. Luckily the answer is 'Yes'. Yes, you can use paytm without Internet. This feature can also be used by people not having smartphones, i.e., people using feature phones.

How to use Paytm without Internet

Paytm users (including shopkeepers, merchants and businesses) can now use phone dial based service to receive and send money using paytm without Internet. To use this service, the sender need to dial 1800 1800 1234 and he/she can pay without having internet connection.

Step 1: Configure your 4 digit Paytm pin once using Internet

To use this service, the user need to have an existing Paytm account and need to configure their 4-digit on-call PIN. This PIN can be either configured on paytm website or using paytm app. You need to have an internet connection for this setup.

If you don't have a smartphone or internet connection, you will have to register for paytm and set your PIN using your friend's/relative's computer or internet enabled phone.

Step 2 - Send money using Paytm without Internet

Once you have an existing paytm account and have configured your 4 digit Paytm PIN, you can directly dial 1800 1800 1234 from your registered mobile number. On call, you will need to enter the recipient’s mobile number and amount. Then it will ask you to enter your Paytm PIN to confirm the transaction and once entered money will be successfully transferred to receiver PayTM wallet.

All this is done on phone and without the need for internet or a smartphone. Please note again that you need to dial from mobile number registered with Paytm.

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