How to Transfer Money from Paytm to Bank Account

Paytm is currently seeing wide adoption due to massive cash crunch after demonitisation. Lot of people have started using paytm to receive money, but they are unclear about how to transfer money from their paytm wallet to their bank account.

Luckily the process is very easy. Following is a step by step guide to to transfer money followed by 1) Charges for transferring money to bank account, 2) minimum and max amount limits. more

Paytm for Shopkeeper or Retailer (Paytm POS Guide)

After demonitisation on Nov 8, Indian economy is still reeling under the pressure of limited cash and only way out is to move towards digital cashless payments. This has become even more essential for shopkeepers and retailers who are loosing daily business as customers don't have enough cash or they don't have enough change. Due to its already established setup, paytm has emerged as the best ... more

Paytm without Internet - Money transfer without Internet

One of the most common problem with digital e-wallet solutions like Paytm is that you don't know what to do when Internet connection is not working. Internet connectivity in India varies a lot based on your location -- while it is pretty good in metros and big cities, it is either non existing or very slow in villages.

Due to demonitisation, lot of shopkeepers, merchants and businesses have ... more