BharatQR code with HDFC Bank Mobile App - PayZapp

BharatQR is the new QR code based payment method launched by Indian Government in collaboration with Visa and MasterCard. Using BharatQR code based payments, the merchants don't need to install a costly POS(Point of sale) machine in their shop. They need to just display BharatQR code (they can take the printout in Rs 2 at any printer or xerox shop).

HDFC Bank is India's largest private bank with a huge network of branches all across India. HDFC is a strong partner in Indian govt scheme to support simpler and efficient digital payment. Along with ICICI bank BharatQR app, HDFC Bank is one of the first 2 banks ready with support for BharatQR code based payments from day one of launch.

BharatQR code payment using HDFC mobile app Payzapp

For HDFC Bank customers, HDFC bank supports BharatQR code based payments using its payment app PayZapp.

To make BharatQR code based payment using HDFC Bank app Payzapp, one needs to follow following steps:

  1. Open HDFC mobile app PayZapp and click on 'Bharat QR Scan to Pay' in the app
  2. At the merchant shop, scan the BharatQR code in the app. The app will show the merchant details
  3. Enter the exact amount you need to pay to the merchant.
  4. Select the linked card you want to pay with (it can either debit or credit card)
  5. Complete the transaction and you will get the confirmation

To know more about BharatQR, please go to All about BharatQR code article.

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