BharatQR code Payments with SBI Mobile App

On Feb 20, 2017, Indian Govt has launched BharatQR Code to simplify the process of digital payment at merchant / retail shops. BharatQR allows merchant and retailers to get a QR code from their bank and once done, they can easily take payments from customers.

Majority of Banks have already started supporting Bharat QR code based payments in their mobile apps. SBI (State Bank of India) is Indis's biggest bank due to huge network across length and breadth of India. Given that, the support of BharatQR payments through SBI issued debit and credit cards is absolutely essential for BharatQR success.

Registering and Getting Bharat QR code from SBI Bank

To start using BharatQR code, the merchants (retailers and shopkeepers) need to register with their bank and get the BharatQR code for their shop. SBI Bank has officially signed up for supporting BharatQR code and this support will soon be available in each SBI bank.

Details for exact instructions are still awaited. Most probably one will be able to generate a BharatQR code on onlineSBI website itself and take a printout.

Bharat QR code based Payment using SBI Mobile app

If you own a SBI issued debit or credit card, you will be able to make payment easily on a BharatQR code based merchant.

** More details on this will soon be made available on this site. Currently the details are not yet confirmed.**

To make a payment, you will be able to use SBI 'State Bank Anywhere Personal' mobile app which is also sometimes called 'Freedom Plus app'.

Once inside the app, you can click on QR code based payment, scan the merchant QR code, enter the amount to be given and click on pay. Once clicked, transaction is completed and you will see a success screen. At the same time, merchant will receive a notification on his/her phone for the transaction.

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