BHIM Mobile App - How to download and Use for digital payment

Prime minister Narendra Modi launched a new mobile app to simplify digital payment in India. This new mobile app is called BHIM and its full form is Bharat Interface for Money. It is named after Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

BHIM mobile app is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). Click here to know about What is bhim app

BHIM app Download

BHIM mobile app is available at Google Play Store to download.

Currently the app is only available for Android mobile phones. You can install it by either going to Google play store app or download it from this link.

BHIM App (Bheem App) - How to Recieve Money

BHIM app is compatible with Unified Payment Interface (UPI) apps. Similar to UPI, BHIM App allows you to send and receive money directly to your bank account.

To use the app, you will have to first register your existing bank account in your BHIM App and set a UPI PIN (also called MPIN) for the bank account. Once done, it allows you to use your mobile number as your virtual payment address or upi id. Users using BHIM app or any other UPI mobile app can transfer money directly to you by entering your mobile number as the Payment address.

BHIM App (Bheem App) - How to Send Money

Once you have registered your bank account with BHIM app, you can send money to others in following ways:

  • Receiver having any UPI app or BHIM app - use send money option and enter their virtual address and money to transfer, enter your UPI Pin and you are done.

  • Receiver not having any UPI app or BHIM app - You can transfer money using their bank account number and IFSC code.

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