BHIM Referral Bonus Yojana Scheme

In December 2016, Prime minister Narendra Modi has launched a new mobile app called BHIM to simplify digital payment in India. Such a mobile app was badly needed as the country is still facing significant cash crunch after demonetisation. But the adoption of BHIM has been less than desired. To fix this, government has declared a new BHIM referral scheme yojana to promote use of BHIM Mobile app.

Along with referral Bonus scheme, india govt has launched a BHIM Cashback Scheme]

BHIM Referral Bonus Yojana Scheme

BHIM has seen a decent adoption since december 2016, but it is not upto the mark. Most significantly BHIM is suffering due to huge advertisement budgets of other payment alternatives like Paytm and PhonePe.

To promote BHIM, Govt has proposed a BHIM user referral Bonus scheme (yojana) as part of budget 2017. Under this scheme, if a existing BHIM user refers another user to install and use BHIM app, he/she will get a cashback.

More details on this scheme is going to come soon and we will update it here.

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