BHIM Cashback Yojana Scheme

BHIM is the premier mobile digital payment platform promoted by govt of India. It was launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi in December 2016. Core part of BHIM involves a mobile app and allows users to do bank account to bank account transfer in a simple and seamless manner.

Now to promote wide adoption of BHIM, india government has launched a cashback scheme along with BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme.

BHIM Cashback Scheme Yojana

BHIM Cachback scheme main purpose is the promote more and more people to use digital payments instead of cash. Currently majority of small transaction in India happen using cash. Any move to digital will bring huge transparency at the same time it will decrease the footprint of black money.

As part of BHIM Cashback scheme, user will be given cash amount in their bank account based on actual digital transactions performed by them.

For example, if a user complete more than Rs 10000 transaction in a given month, he/say may get a cashback of Rs 1 and so on. Exact details of scheme are still awaited.

This scheme is launched during budget 2017.

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