unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in uan portal 2017

EPFO (Employee Provident fund organisation) has been working hard to provide a set of working online uan portal for its more than 6 crore members, but these portal are either changing too fast or or down, thus leading to more confusion and frustration among members.

Here are your guide to navigate among these portals.

unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in uan epf portal / uan member portal for employees

Unified portal (or also called new uan member portal) was launched in Dec 2016 with much fanfare. But it remained down for 3-4 months and at last was working fine in April 2017, but without the support for crucial passbook feature.

To fix that, EPFO launched a separate portal just for passbook in April 2017. So 2 main member portals are:

  1. Unified portal epf / Uan Member Portal - useful for checking your kyc details and linked pf accounts. At this moment passbook download or updating kyc like aadhaar number is not working.

  2. Uan portal for passbook download - a new portal for downloding your epf passbook

unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in portal for employers

This new uan portal for employers was also launched in December 2016 after EPFO mandated UAN number for depositing monthly epf dues by the employers.

This portal is either called uan member portal for employers or unified portal for employers. More details about this is available at UAN Employer Portal EPF.

This portal provides following main services:

  • UAN based simplified ECR (ECR Version 2)
  • Online payment through multi-banking
  • UAN Registration for employees
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