Rectification Rights Transferred to AST - Meaning and Follow Up

Sometimes for filing for income tax return rectification, when we check our return status, it says - 'Rectification Rights Transferred to AST'. What does that mean and do we need to do any followup in such a case?

Income tax rectification needs to be filed when you have made a mistake while filing your return and wants to fix it now.

Meaning of Rectification Rights Transferred to AST

Now-a-days by default our income tax returns are e-filed and hence their assessment and any demands etc are generate in CPC (Central Processing Center) of Income tax department. But sometimes, CPC transfer the right to your region's Assessing Officer.

So whenever you see the status as 'Rectification Rights Transferred to AST', it means that for Rectification, the assessment rights are with your regional AO (Assessing Officer) instead of CPC. So you need to submit your rectification request to your local AO directly instead of going through online route.

Rectification Rights Transferred to AST - Whom to contact?

As mentioned above, if the status of your return show 'Rectification Rights Transferred to AST', then you need to contact your regional AO (Assessing officer) instead of CPC.

You can find your region Assessing officer details by following know your jurisdiction

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