Understanding UAN SMS Update of Transaction in EPF Account

I received this sms from EPFO yesterday, "Dear member, Rs xxxxx for 10/2014 has been credited in your epf account".

It is a good initiative by EPFO to send a sms alert everytime a credit happens in the EPF account. This way its easier to keep a check on my EPF account transactions. Along with sending a monthly sms alert, EPFO is also updating the e-passbook monthly. You can go to UAN portal and view your latest transactions in your passbook. (Read my previous post to know how to do that)

There are some points to note about the sms -

  • Confusing information about month - I received the sms on Oct 31 and it said Rs xxxx for 10/2014 --- but the amount was not EPF contribution for my October salary (given to me on Oct 31), instead it was for my September salary (given to me on Sep 30th by my company). This may be because EPFO probably receives EPF contributions of September sometime in the month of October.
    (Same error is present in my passbook, i.e., entry marked for 10/2014 is actually EPF contributions for September)

  • The amount mentioned in sms is inclusive of employee contribution and employer's EPF contribution. However, it does not include employer's EPS contribution. Though you can check the employer's EPS contribution in the passbook. The passbook has a different column for EPS contribution.

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