Getting NOC for transfer/sale of car to another state in India

Car registration and inter-state transfers are needlessly complicated procedures in India. These days people move regularly between states due to job changes and other reasons and thus it beceomes necessary to get your vehicle transferred to another state. Here are useful notes based on our experience of getting NOC for car transfer from Bangalore to Pune (in hope that it is useful for other ... more

Manufacture year and month of a car - VIN number & chassis number

While researching for buying a new car, I came to know that sometimes dealers sell an old car under the guise of new. You wouldn't come to know the difference unless you understand the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and chassis number which have the manufacture month and year coded in them.

To understand these numbers for my would-be-car Hyundai i10, I had to search and read many pages ... more

Ban on sunfilm coating and the concept of VLT

A supreme court ruling in May 2012 declared sunfilm coating on cars as impermissible throughout India. We had purchased our first car in April only and got the sunfilm coated on it as a free accessory but we will have to get it removed now as Bangalore police has issued a strict warning against the use of sunfilms. Failure to comply will result in a fine of Rs 300 (and the car will be seized from ... more