Getting NOC for transfer/sale of car to another state in India

Car registration and inter-state transfers are needlessly complicated procedures in India. These days people move regularly between states due to job changes and other reasons and thus it beceomes necessary to get your vehicle transferred to another state. Here are useful notes based on our experience of getting NOC for car transfer from Bangalore to Pune (in hope that it is useful for other people).

Use Case

  • Transferring your vehicle from one state to another.
  • Selling your vehicle to someone in another state.

Both these require NOC from the state of current registration.


  • Lack of information and a fear of running from one government office to another without any clue.
  • A culture of agents taking advantage of this lack of information.

Getting NOC does not require any FEE and total expenses are less than Rs 50/-. But agents make use of our fears. In Bangalore, when we went to RTO office to inquire about the process, we were accosted by 2 agents openly - first offering to get us the NOC in Rs 3500/- within a week and another in Rs 4000/- if we want it in 3 days.

Our experience and Step by Step process

We applied for NOC of our car in Bangalore RTO and got it done without relying on any agent and with a nominal expense of Rs 38/-. Below are the 4 steps to obtain NOC for car transfer/sale to another state :

  1. Buy 3 copies of Form 28 (Rs 2/- each) from any RTO. Take pencil print of your car's chassis number on each of the three copies. (See below for details)

  2. Go to RTO office where your vehicle is registered - submit application, get acknowledgement receipt and a letter from them addressed to Commisioner of Police.

    • Documents to be taken:
      • Filled application form - all 3 copies (sample photo)
      • Original RC (It is returned back when NOC is issued. Till then, keep a attested copy of RC with you.)
      • Xerox of Valid Insurance Policy
      • Xerox of PUC (Pollution under check)/ emission certificate
    • At the RTO office, after checking the above documents, we were asked to buy following from a nearby stationary shop
      • File folder: around Rs 10/-
      • Stamped envelope (which will be mailed back to us enclosing NOCs and RC): At the shop, just ask for an envelope for RC/NOC. Around Rs 20/-
      • One plastic sleeve to keep original RC into - around Rs 2/-
    • Submit the application at the RTO desk (total duration: around 15 mins)
      • First they will quickly ask a computer operator to check if the vehicle is having loan or not.
      • Next they will put all documents in the file folder, put signature and ask computer operator to create a letter for Commisioner of Police.
      • Next another computer operator will give you an acknowledgement.
  3. Go to Police Commissoner Office to obtain verification letter mentioning that vehicle is not involved in any crime/theft. (total duration in office: around 20 mins)

    • In Bangalore we need to go to Crime Record Bureau Office on 4th Floor at Police Commisioner Office, Infantry Road.
    • They took the letter issued by the RTO and gave us back a printed verification letter within 20 mins.
  4. Go back to RTO and submit police verification letter.

Thats it. Wait for the NOC and RC to reach you by India Post within 30 days. We received our NOC by post on 25th day from the submission of application in RTO (post police verification).

Tips to take pencil print / imprint of chassis number on form 28

We need to take pencil print of chassis number on all three copies of Form 28. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Put the paper on the embossed chassis number and shade/rub it with pencil applying a medium pressure. You will get a shaded area where you can make out the number.

  2. Its better to take imprint on the form itself rather than on a normal A4 paper that we have at home/office. The form issued by RTO is a thinner paper and hence easier to get a clear imprint on it.

  3. Please see the attached image for the location on form where we took chassis imprint.

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