Voter ID card 2023 - Shifting of Constituency - Which form to fill online? Form 6 Vs Form 8

The voting season has begun! Legislative Assembly elections in Karnataka are going to take place soon, I guess before May 2023. BBMP Officials have already started to conduct voter ID drives in various places in Karnataka. If you have changed your address and your constituency is changed, then read below to find out which form to fill - Form6 or Form8?

Last Saturday, BBMP Officials were in our society to help people register or update Voter ID Cards. I already had a Voter ID Card but as I had shifted my residence an year back, I needed to change the constituency from which I will vote. Now, lazy as I am, I did not bother to go down my apartment and get my constituency changed. I thought I could get the work done online in less time. So I spent the Saturday lazing around happily in my apartment thinking of how people will probably be standing in queues and would be spoiling their Saturday going back and forth with BBMP officials.

Today, I scrambled before my computer, after reading that today is the last date for update of Voter ID Cards. I went to the NVSC website quickly. There were many forms on the website - Form 6, Form 6A, Form 7, Form 8, bla blah..... Which one would I need to fill? I browsed around and found (at least at 2 places, proof below) that I need to fill Form 6 for change of constituency. So I went ahead and filled all my details, uploaded my ID proof and a photo and then .......towards the end of the Form, there was a declaration for me to accept which said "I have never applied for the inclusion of my name in any electoral rolls before". Gotcha! That's not true as I already had a voter card.

With things starting to look difficult, I browsed again and found that there was conflicting information on various government websites. Some said that for change of constituency, Form 6 is needed to be filled while other said Form 8 is the one that should be done. It took me around an hour just to research and find out that the rules have been changed recently regarding this particular situation of 'change of constituency' and that now Form 8 is required to be filled for that purpose. Phew!

If only the government had made efforts to update all the different websites that are under its control, I would have saved a good amount of time and energy while updating my Voter ID card. Anyways, just in case you are also looking for that same information, here it is - Fill Form 8 for change of constituency Hope it helps you.

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