Uttarakhand Elections Voter List - Search Your Name in 3 Easy Steps

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Uttarakhand is said to be the spiritual center of India with its snow-clad peaks of Himalayas and the sacred Ganga river flowing through it. The state has 13 districts. Currently Uttarakhand has a coalition government headed by Harish Rawat of Indian National Congress. The term of this government will end in mid 2017. New government will be elected in the upcoming Legislative Assembly (Vidhan sabha) Elections which will be held on 15 February 2017 in a single phase for the 70 seats of the Vidhan Sabha.

Government updates the voter list few months before any upcoming elections. CEO Uttarakhand has published the latest voter list (electoral rolls) on its website. To be able to vote, your name should be there in the latest electoral rolls. Even if you have a voter ID card, it might happen that your name got deleted by mistake. So you need to make sure that your name exists in the latest voter list (matdata soochi). Now, CEO Uttarakhand has made it very easy to search your name and your voter slip (matdaan parchi) on the website.

Search Your Name in Voter List

  1. Go to CEO Uttarakhand. You will see 2 options in "Search Type" - 1) District Wise and 2) AC wise.

  2. Select the district from the drop down.

  3. You will be shown 2 options to search your name -

  • Search by EPIC No. - Voter ID Card No. Easiest option if you know your EPIC No.
  • Search by Name - Enter your name. It is best to enter partial name only.

    Enter Partial Name - You might get confused in spellings while entering the names or the govt. might have made spelling mistake in voter list. So its best to enter your partial name. This way you get a list of all possible combinations.

House No. - A useful feature of Voter List

In the search results you will get to see many details like - link of Voter's slip, AC No, Part No, Serial No, EPIC No, House No. , etc.

One useful feature here is that you can click on the 'House No' to get the list of other family members of that same House No. So if you have already found your name in voter list, no need to go back and search every family member. Just click your House No, and you will get a list of all the members living in that house and registered for vote. Cool feature!!

Points to be noted about voting

Even if you have voted in previous elections, have a voter ID card, and have not shifted your residence, even then your name may have got deleted from the electoral rolls. Please verify and restore your name if deleted.

Also, if your name is not in the voter list, then you cannot vote, even if you have a voter id card !!. On the other hand, if your name is in the voter list but you don't have a voter id card, you can still vote with any govt issued photo card (Driving license, passport, Aadhar card , ration card etc) to identify yourself.

News on Uttarakhand Elections Voting

Election date announced for Uttarakhand polls

Election Commission has announced the date of election in Uttarakhand. It will be held in a single phase on 15 February. All 70 ACs will go to polls on the same day. Last date for filing nominations is 27 January and the results will be announced on 11 March 2017.

8th January 2017
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