Search Your Name in Voter List in 3 Easy Steps (Manipur Elections)

Along with other states, Manipur is also getting ready for the upcoming Legislative Assembly Elections. In the previous elections, Congress had won the majority and formed the government under the leadership of Okram Ibobi Singh. The tenure of this government is going to end in March, 2017 and the state will go for elections in the start of 2017 for 60 assembly constituency seats.

Government updates the voter list few months before any upcoming elections. CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) Manipur has also published the latest voter list (electoral rolls) on its website. Please ensure that your name is included in the latest voter list. You can quickly find your voting booth details and serial number also on the site.

Search Your Name in Voter List

  1. Go to CEO Manipur Elector Search

  2. Select the Assembly Constituency from the drop down. Leave 'Polling Station' as "--All--" (most often we dont know our Polling Station)

  3. In 'Search Criteria' you have 4 options -

  • Search by Name - For easy search, you can enter your partial name also. This way you get a list of all possible combinations.
  • Search by Relation Name - Father's name/Husband/Gurdian's name (whatever you have given in voter registration form)
  • Search by House No. - Enter your House No. and get a list of all records of same House No.
  • Search by EPIC No. - Voter ID Card No. Easiest option if you know your EPIC No.

This is all you need to do for quick name search in voter list. You can also search your name in pdf files of electoral rolls. These files are available on website in both Manipuri and English languages.

Points to be noted about voting

Even if you have voted in previous elections, have a voter ID card, and have not shifted your residence, even then your name may have got deleted from the electoral rolls. Please verify and restore your name if deleted.

Also, if your name is not in the voter list, then you cannot vote, even if you have a voter id card !!. On the other hand, if your name is in the voter list but you don't have a voter id card, you can still vote with any govt issued photo card (Driving license, passport, Aadhar card , ration card etc) to identify yourself.

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