CEO Punjab Voter List 2016 - 2017 (voter id card punjab)

Along with other states, Punjab is also going for elections in 2017. Punjab has 117 assembly constituencies and the current ruling party is Shiromani Akali Dal - Bharatiya Janata Party alliance under the leadership of Parkash Singh Badal. The tenure of current government will be ending in March 2017 before which a new government will be elected in the upcoming Legislative Assembly (Vidhan sabha) Elections going to be held on 4th February, 2017.

Government updates the voter list few months before any upcoming elections.
CEO Punjab Voter List 2016 - 2017 (electoral rolls) has been published by CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) on its website and new voter id card punjab should have reached people by now. To be able to vote, your name should be there in the latest voter list / electoral rolls. Even if you have voted in previous elections, have a voter ID card, and have not shifted your residence, even then your name may have got deleted from the electoral rolls. Please verify and restore your name if deleted. Here is how you can search your name in voter list online.

CEO Punjab Voter List 2016 - 2017 (Search Your Name in Voter List)

The voter search on CEO Punjab website is not at all user friendly especially when compared with other state CEO's voter search feature. Here is the step-by-step process to check your name in CEO Punjab Voter List 2016 - 2017

  1. Go to CEO Punjab. You will see a map of Punjab and you have to click on the district name.

  2. Next you will see the map of the selected district marked with all its Assembly Constituencies. You have to click on your Assembly Constituency.

    Glitch 1 - Note that some Assembly Constituencies in the above image are shown as links rather than as maps. Its inconsistent and confusing to user.

  3. Next you will see the details of that Assembly Constituency and two buttons - "Search" and "Electoral Rolls (PDF)"

    Glitch 2 -The Search button is not prominently visible. In fact, I missed seeing it in the first two trials.

  4. Click on "Search". Next you have to select from drop-down the area inside the selected Assembly Constituency. You will see a lot of fields to be filled but only name is mandatory, other fields are optional. Fill your name and captcha.

Partial Names - Partial Name search is working but you have to enter at least 4 letters.

Glitch 3 - No error is shown when I entered 3 letters only! I kept clicking 'search' but nothing seemed to happen. I initially thought that search feature is not working.

CEO Punjab Voter List 2016 - 2017 - Flaws in Voter Search Feature

Other than the features

  • Glitch 4 - Errors are not highlighted and are difficult to locate. If you enter a wrong captcha by mistake or name is not there in the voter list, it takes effort to locate what went wrong. See the examples below -

  • Glitch 5 - Error message of previous results doesn't go away in the next search. See the example below -

This is all about the Voter Search feature. I hope you find your name in voter list easy and quick! Now lets look at another way to search your name in the voter list.

Voter List and Voter ID card Punjab (Search in PDF)

Another way to search your name in the voter list and see your voter id card for punjab is to search in the pdf files of electoral rolls. Please note that these pdfs are completely in Punjabi language.

District Assembly Constituency Voter List link ERO of Assembly Constituency
Pathankot 1 Sujanpur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dharkalan
S.D.M. Office, Dhar Kalan
Pathankot 2 Bhoa Link Additional Deputy Commissinore(Dev) Pathankot
Gandhi Chowk Near Main Post Office Pathankot
Pathankot 3 Pathankot Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Pathankot
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Near Court Complex, Pathankot
Gurdaspur 4 Gurdaspur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Gurdaspur
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Near Court Complex, Gurdaspur
Gurdaspur 5 Dina Nagar Link ADC(D), Gurdaspur.
Gurdaspur 6 Qadian Link Assistant Excise & Taxation Commissioner (A.E.T.C.), Gurdaspur
Excise Taxation Office Opp. General Post Office G.T. Road Gurdaspur
Gurdaspur 7 Batala Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Batala.
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Near Court Complex, Batala
Gurdaspur 8 Sri Hargobindpur Link District Development & Panchayat Officer, Gurdaspur
D.D.P.O. Office, Back Side Bus Stand, Gurdaspur
Gurdaspur 9 Fatehgarh Churian Link Distt. Transport Officer, Gurdaspur (Addl. Charge)
Distt. Transport Office at Red Cross Building, near Bus Stand Gurdaspur.
Gurdaspur 10 Dera Baba Nanak Link SDM, Dera Baba Nanak.
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dera Baba Nanak
Amritsar 11 Ajnala Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Ajnala
Office of SDM Ajnala, Tehsil Complex Ajnala, Tehsil Ajnala
Amritsar 12 Raja Sansi Link District Revenue Officer
Tehsil Complex, District Courts, Amritsar
Amritsar 13 Majitha Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Amritsar
Office of SDM Amritsar I, Tehsil Complex, District Courts, Amritsar
Amritsar 14 Jandiala Link District Transport Officer, Amritsar
Office of D.T.O., Kashmir House Building Ram Tirth Road, Amritsar
Amritsar 15 Amritsar North Link Additional Deputy Commissioner (D), Amritsar
Office of Additional Deputy Commissioner, District Court Complex, Amritsar
Amritsar 16 Amritsar West Link Assistant Excise and Taxation Commissioner (MW), Amritsar
Assistant Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Near Pingalwara Amritsar I
Amritsar 17 Amritsar Central Link Deputy Director Urban Local Bodies
IIIrd Floor, Dharam Singh Market, Amrtisar
Amritsar 18 Amritsar East Link District Development & Panchayat Officer, Amritsar
Office of DDPO, Amritsar, District court Complex, Amritsar
Amritsar 19 Amritsar South Link Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Amritsar
Office of Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Amritsar
Amritsar 20 Attari Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Amritsar II
Office of SDM, Amritsar II, Tehsil Complex, District Courts Amritsar
Tarn Taran 21 Tarn Taran Link S.D.M. Tarn Taran
S.D.M. Office Tarn Taran
Tarn Taran 22 Khem Karan Link D.D.P.O. Tarn Taran
Office D.D.P.O. Amritsar Road, Tarn Taran
Tarn Taran 23 Patti Link SDM Patti
SDM office Tarn Taran
Tarn Taran 24 Khadoor Sahib Link S.D.M. Khadoor Sahib
Office S.D.M . Khadoor Sahib
Amritsar 25 Baba Bakala Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Baba Bakala
Office of Sub Divisional Magistrate, Baba Bakala, Tehsil Complex Baba Bakala
Kapurthala 26 Bholath Link SDM Bholath
Office of the Sub Divisonal Magistrate Bholath
Kapurthala 27 Kapurthala Link SDM Kapurthala
Office of the Sub Divisonal Magistrate Kapurthala
Kapurthala 28 Sultanpur Lodhi Link SDM Office Sultanpur
Office of the Sub Divisonal Magistrate Sultanpur Lodhi
Kapurthala 29 Phagwara Link SDM Phagwara
Office of the Sub Divisonal Magistrate Phagwara
Jalandhar 30 Phillaur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Phillaur.
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Phillaur., District Jalandhar.
Jalandhar 31 Nakodar Link Addl.Charge Sub Divisional Magistrate, Nakodar.
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Nakodar,District Jalandhar.
Jalandhar 32 Shahkot Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Shakot
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Shakot., District Jalandhar.
Jalandhar 33 Kartarpur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate,Jalandhar II
Tehsil Office, Distt. Administrative Complex, Jalandhar
Jalandhar 34 Jalandhar West Link Chief Administrator Jalandhar Development Authority, Jalandhar
SCO 41, Opp. DAC Complex, Ladowali Road, Jalandhar.
Jalandhar 35 Jalandhar Central Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Jalandhar I
Ground Floor District Administrative Complex Ladowali Road Jalandhar
Jalandhar 36 Jalandhar North Link Deputy Director Urban Local Bodies, Jalandhar.
Deputy Director Urban Local Bodies,227 228,Master Tara Singh Nagar , Jalandhar.
Jalandhar 38 Adampur Link Joint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar
Hoshiarpur 39 Mukerian Link Sub Divisional Magistrate ,Hoshiarpur
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Mukerian
Hoshiarpur 40 Dasuya Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dasuya.
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Dasuya..
Hoshiarpur 41 Urmar Link District Transport Officer, Hoshiarpur
District Transport Officer,Room No. 9,Ground Floor,Mini Secretariat,Hoshiarpur.
Hoshiarpur 42 Sham Chaurasi Link District Dev. & Panchayat Officer, Hoshiarpur.
Room No. 115, 1st Floor, Mini Sectariate, Hoshiarpur
Hoshiarpur 43 Hoshiarpur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Hoshiarpur.
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Hoshiarpur.
Hoshiarpur 44 Chabbewal Link Additional Deputy Commissioner ( Development), Hoshiarpur
Additional Deputy Commissioner ( Development), Zila Parishad Complex, Hoshiarpur
Hoshiarpur 45 Garhshankar Link Sub Divisional Magistrate,Garhshankar.
Office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Garhshankar
Nawan Shahr 46 Banga Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Banga
Nawan Shahr 47 Nawan Shahr Link SDM, Nawan Shahr
SDM Complex , Nawan Shahr
Nawan Shahr 48 Balachaur Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Balachaur
SDM Office, Balachaur
Ropar 49 Anandpur Sahib Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Office Of Sub Divisional Magistrate, Anandpur Sahib
Ropar 50 Rupnagar Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Mini Secretariat, Rupnagar
Ropar 51 Chamkaur Sahib Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office
S. A. S Nagar 52 Kharar Link Sub Divisional Magistrate Kharar
Tehsil Complex, Kharar
S. A. S Nagar 53 S A S Nagar Link Sub Divisional Magistrate S.A.S.Nagar
DC Office Complex, Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Phase 1, S.A.S.Nagar
Fatehgarh Sahib 54 Bassi Pathana Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Bassi Pathana
Fatehgarh Sahib 55 Fatehgarh Sahib Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Fatehgarh Sahib
Fatehgarh Sahib 56 Amloh Link Sub Divisional Magistrate
Sub Divisional Magistrate, Amloh
Ludhiana 57 Khanna Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Khanna
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Khanna
Ludhiana 58 Samrala Link SDM, Samrala
SDM Office, Samrala
Ludhiana 59 Sahnewal Link SDM LDH. East
Mini. Secretriat, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 60 Ludhiana East Link Add. Comm., 1- M. Corp. Zone A , LDH
Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 61 Ludhiana South Link Assistant Excise and Taxtation Commissioner-II Ludhiana
Mini. Secretriat, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 62 Atam Nagar Link Additional Commissioner
Additional Commissioner II, Muncipal Corporation, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 63 Ludhiana Central Link Add. Chief Admn. GLADA, LDH
PUDA Complex, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 64 Ludhiana West Link Deputy Director Urban & Local Bodies,Ldh.
Mini. Secretriat, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 65 Ludhiana North Link District Transport Officer, LDH
Mini. Secretriat, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 66 Gill Link District Devlopment & Panchyat Officer, Ludhiana
District Devlopment and Panchyat Officer, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 67 Payal Link S D M Payal
SDM Office Payal
Ludhiana 68 Dakha Link SDM LDH. West
Sub Divisional Magistrate Ludhiana West Mini. Secretriat, Ludhiana
Ludhiana 69 Raikot Link SDM RAIKOT
Ludhiana 70 Jagraon Link SDM Jagraon
SDM Office, Jagraon
Moga 71 Nihal Singh Wala Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Nihal Singh Wala
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Nihal Singh Wala
Moga 72 Bhagha Purana Link SDM, Baghapurana
SDM Office Baghapurana
Moga 73 Moga Link Sub Divisional Magistrate,Moga
Office of the SDM, Moga
Moga 74 Dharamkot Link SDM Dharamkot
Office of SDM Dharamkot
Ferozepur 75 Zira Link SDM , ZIRA
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Zira
Ferozepur 76 Firozpur City Link SDM, FEROZEPUR
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Ferozepur
Ferozepur 77 Firozpur Rural Link D.D.P.O FEROZEPUR
Ferozepur 78 Guru Har Sahai Link DTO-cum-Sub Divisional Magistrate, Guru Har Sahai
SDM Complex, Guru Har Sahai
Fazilka 79 Jalalabad Link SDM JALALABAD
SDM Office, Jalalabad
Fazilka 80 Fazilka Link SDM, FAZILKA
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office,
New Grain Market, Fazilka
Fazilka 81 Abohar Link SDM Abohar
Tehsil Office, Abohar
Fazilka 82 Balluana Link DDPO Fazilka
D.C. Office, Fazilka
Muktsar 83 Lambi Link DTO, MUKTSAR
Muktsar 84 Gidderbaha Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Gidderbaha
Sub Divisional Magistrate Complex, Gidderbaha
Muktsar 85 Malout Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Malout
Sub Divisional Magistrate Complex, Malout
Muktsar 86 Muktsar Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Muktsar
District Administrative Complex, Muktsar
Faridkot 87 Faridkot Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Faridkot
SDM Office, Ist Floor Mini Sectreate. Faridkot
Faridkot 88 Kotkapura Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, KOTKAPURA
Faridkot 89 Jaitu Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Jaito
SDM Office, Jaito
Bhatinda 90 Rampura Phul Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Rampura Phul
Office of SDM, Rampura Phul
Bhatinda 91 Bhucho Mandi Link Addl. Deputy Commissioner , Bathinda
Room No. 208 1st floor Mini Secretariat Bathinda
Bhatinda 92 Bathinda Urban Link Sub Divisional Magistrate Bathinda
SDM Office, Bathinda
Bhatinda 93 Bathinda Rural Link ACA (BDA) Bathinda
Office ACA (BDA)
Bhatinda 94 Talwandi Sabo Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Talwandi Sabo
SDM office, Talwandi Sabo
Bhatinda 95 Maur Link Sub Divisional Officer Maur
Tehsil Complex Maur
Mansa 96 Mansa Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Mansa
Office of Sub Divisional Magistrate, Mansa
Mansa 97 Sardulgarh Link Sub Divisional Megistrate Sardulgarh
Office of SDM Sardulgarh
Mansa 98 Budhlada Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Budhlada
Office of Sub Divisional Magistrate, Budhlada
Sangrur 99 Lehra Link SDM, Lehra
Sub Divisional Magistrate office, Lehra
Sangrur 100 Dirba Link DTO,Sangrur
DTO Office, Sangrur
Sangrur 101 Sunam Link SDM , Sunam
SDM Office,Sunam
Barnala 102 Bhadaur Link S.D.M., TAPA
Barnala 103 Barnala Link S.D.M. BARNALA
Barnala 104 Mehal Kalan Link DDPO BARNALA
Sangrur 105 Malerkotla Link SDM, Malerkotla
SDM Office, Malerkotla
Sangrur 106 Amargarh Link DRO, Sangrur
Tehsil Office, Sangrur
Sangrur 107 Dhuri Link SDM, Dhuri
Sub Divisional Magistrate office, Dhuri
Sangrur 108 Sangrur Link Add. DTO, Sangrur
SDM Office, Sangrur.
Patiala 109 Nabha Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Nabha
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Nabha
Patiala 110 Patiala Rural Link District Transport Officer , Patiala
Room No. 103, Mini Sectriate ,Block A, Patiala
Patiala 111 Rajpura Link Sub Divisional Magistrate,Rajpura
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Rajpura
S. A. S Nagar 112 Dera Bassi Link Sub Divisional Magistrate Derabassi
Tehsil Complex, Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Derabassi
Patiala 113 Ghanaur Link ACA Puda
MC Office, Patiala
Patiala 114 Sanour Link Additional Deputy Commissioner(D), Patiala
O/O ADC(D), Zila Parishad Complex, Sirhind Road, Patiala
Patiala 115 Patiala Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Patiala
Room No 243,Mini Sectriate, Block A, Patiala
Patiala 116 Samana Link Sub Divisional Magistrate, Samana
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office,Samana
Patiala 117 Shutrana Link SDM Patran
Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Patran

News on Punjab Elections Voting

Election date announced for Punjab polls

Election Commission has announced the date of election in Punjab. It will be held in a single phase on 4th February. All 117 ACs will go to polls on the same day. Last date for filing nominations is 18 January and the results will be announced on 11 March 2017.

8th January 2017
Category: voting