Quotes for Teachers

Someone who can always chase a little cloud away
and add a bit of fun,
a ray of sun to every day,
Someone who is so glad to share,
so glad to help & give & care,
adds something very special to the world.
"Thankyou Teacher"

Someone who takes time to think of
other people's needs,
and warms so many hearts with gentle words
and thoughtful deeds.
Someone who sincerely tries to understand
and sympathise
adds something very special to the world.
"Thankyou Teacher"

You are someone I can look upto
for advise and encouragement,
someone I can turn to when
I need to put things in perspective,
someone who is always there to
listen, discuss and help.
So its no wonder
you mean such a lot!

You've always given so freely
of yourself and your time,
you've been a pillar of strength,
encouragement & support.
You are a teacher beyond compare!

Teacher, you have been such a
wonderful influence on my life,
it's because of you that I've reached somewhere
and gained so much confidence & success.
Thanks for being so remarkable and
so very outstanding always!

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