Poetic quotes on friendship

I was looking for something better,
I got the best.
I tried for quantity,
I got the quality.
I was in search of certain number of friends,
I got a friend who is certain.

Written with a loving hand,
Sealed with a kiss.
Remember me whenever you
open this.

The gates of my memory,
will never close,
How much I miss you,
no one knows.
The days will pass and
turn into years,
But I remember you
with silent tears.

Make a wish on every candle,
I will make some too.
That your life will be filled with joy
and your wishes all come true.

What you want from me,
I don't know!
What I want from you?
I cann't say!
Still we can help in an
unheard & unseen way.

I always like to think of you & the time we have shared,
And how nice it has been to have a friend who really cared.
And with each thought comes wish especially warm & true,
because it means so much to me to have a friend like you.

Your cheerful face,
Your pleasant smile.
No one can take
dear ......., your place

My friends are many,
But you are one.
The one whom I like
more than anyone.

There are no pearls to give you,
There are no diamonds to give you.
I have only three words to say;
"God Bless You"

Dear is your memory,
Sweet is your name.
Near to my heart,
you will always remain.

Friends are those who lend a ear;
to hear your anguish and bring you cheer,
Friends are those who lend their shoulders
in times of distress, to make you bolder.

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