Attractive Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are one of the favourite playthings for my daughter when I am working in kitchen. She plays with them in many different ways and enjoys them. The animal magnets in pic 1 were bought from Total Mall, Old Airport Road. They came in a set of 2 like 2 Turtles, 2 Rabbits etc. The MRP written on cover was Rs 50/- per set. However, a discount was going on at that time so I got them for Rs 18/- per set. Dirt Cheap!! The colourful magnets in pic 1 were also bought from Total Mall, Old Airport Road. I got 12 pieces of them for around 60/- Rs.

Only one caution - The magnet on these pieces is not very strongly glued and sometimes the magnet comes apart from the pieces so I have to feviqwik it back.

Long after buying these magnets I searched online for other fridge magnets but none of them are attractive enough for kids and all were very highly priced. So I feel its better to search for these kind of magnets in local shops and malls. These are really great value for money.

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