Kids Chair Plastic

I first noticed this chair at an acquaintance’s house. I liked it at the first sight and wanted to buy for my daughter. I searched online but could not find a similar thing. There were many highly priced, highly accessorized chairs but not the one I was looking for. Then one day at Total Mall, I caught sight of it! It was sitting there just opposite the billing counter - simple, small, sturdy, stable, attractive and economical. I think it came for around Rs. 250/-. Dirt Cheap for the value it gave us.

It is very light in weight too.. so much so that my daughter could lift it up at 1.5 years. Another unique feature is that it makes a sound every time someone sits on it, which is quite interesting for kids.

While writing this post, I searched online for similar product but could not find one - all were very highly priced. So I feel its better to search for this kind of chair in local shops and malls. It is really great value for money.

Dimensions: 1 ft * 1 ft *1 ft (seat height - 6.5 inch)

Category: kids-resources